No IRA statement before election

Sinn Féin President, Gerry Adams, has told RTE that he does not expect the IRA to respond to his call to give up their armed struggle, before the Westminster election on May 5 (click on audio link at bottom of article).

Adams rejected assertions that his statement was an election stunt and he said that this initiative was bigger than the election. Will the lack of an IRA statement on its future intentions affect the Sinn Féin vote?

  • barnshhe

    Simply waiting for the election results makes sense–if SF advance anyway then the RA remain as a chip in the game and there is no need to stand down. If SF stumble then the RA can provide an “initiative”

    Simple really

  • Jim Bob

    To barnshhe:

    He has no way of unsaying what he said.

    This time the usual Unionist cynical readings are looking like no more than wishful thinking

  • barnshee

    (cant type me)

    I don’t think Ger is lying –its simply sound tactics– there is no need to use the RA until it is really required –it just makes sense

  • Henry94

    I think it would be a mistake to do anything in the context of an election for the sake of unionist politicans. How could they be expected to give a considered or positive reaction when they are in competition for votes on the doorsteps.

    What I would like to see is the IRA spelling out its intentions in detail in the calm post-election atmosphere and putting forward a timetable for decommissioning so that we are all clear about when it will be completed. The GFA suggested two years and I wouldn’t see any reason for going beyond that.

    Over that two year period there should be no IRA activity other than decommissioning.

  • Anonymous

    Comment removed A.U.

  • queens_unionist

    Its all electioneering!
    Its as simple as that. GA realising that the public saw his statement as a ploy has decided not to give an IRA speech as it will also only be seen as an election stunt.
    Needless to say if GA comes under fire from the DUP or SDLP an IRA statement from him may follow just to ease the pressure.