How inconsiderate.. indeed

Reading this RTE report you’d think they had got an exclusive – No IRA statement before election says Adamsnot so guys. But, in fairness they tried, and some of the comments made by Gerry Adams in the This Week interview are more revealing than he might have wished. In particular, that the timing of his speech was “unfortunate”.. what with the Pope dying, and then the funeral, a British Royal Wedding and, of course, a General Election.. [distracting the media and the public’s attention away from his speech, presumably].. I mean, really.. how inconsiderate..It’s, arguably, worth listening to the end for another revealing moment [about 9 minutes in] and the reason why everyone else saw that speech as electioneering.

Adams is speaking about how Sinn Féin will perform in the election –

We[Sinn Féin] need every single vote.. and er.. in terms of the initiative I’ve taken[that’s the speech he’s referring to BTW], I also want to, at the end of this election, to demonstrate that there’s support for that. I want to be able to stand as we move into an entirely new phase of our history to stand able to demonstrate to others that, broadly speaking, people out there support what we are trying to do.

Ah yes.. destination Sugar Candy Mountain.. all aboard?