Dodgy link for a Star Wars thread…

DOWNPATRICK band Ash will have their song ‘Clones’ on the soundtrack to the next Star Wars video game (although the news was out months ago). Only 25 days, four hours, and 20 minutes to go.

According to wikipedia, Ash’s song is the first non-John Williams music to be used for Star Wars.

Wonder if the new movie will be better than the last two, which were kind of average.

  • JD


    People from a small town in Monaghan fighting in outer space?

    Cool! Wee Barry would be proud.

  • peteb

    Lucas himself said it would be – “Titanic” in space.

    Which should give you an idea of how bad it will actually be, Gonzo.

  • JD

    Lucas himself said it would be – “Titanic” in space.

    Signatures, I wish this site allowed…

  • JK

    31Mb trailer

    Looks impressive to me 🙂

  • Keith M

    Given how awful the last two films were, I’ll give it a miss in favour of “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”.

  • Alan2

    Hitchhikers looks very good….this is supposed to be mutch darker than the other two and hopefully will redeem the series as the last two have been dreadful and aimed purely at children. The originals were univeral too but seemed much more engrossing. The last too just did not engage in the same way although there were a couple of good scenes and moments which harkened back to the originals. Download the trailers from the star wars site and you will see what I mean…after all darth vader gets made in this one and the jedi get almost eradicated so it has to be dark…