Could Bono get on the campaign trail..?

AFTER Bono from U2’s revelation of a brush with the IRA, can it be too long before he joins the election trail here? He seems to be seen on as many political platforms than concert stages these days, so if I was in the SDLP and desperate and I ever wanted to call in a favour… would now not be the time? Of course, it’s likely Bono coulod be suffering from Vertigo around election time, and not make it here. Could saying ‘Please’ help?

  • Jimmy Sands

    Ok even I’m not buying that one.

  • Gonzo

    Well, it was worth a try.

  • J Kelly

    Would Bono risk his super ego being tarnished for a party so desparate.

  • SeamusG

    Nobo’s help would finish them off.

  • franc

    “with or without you”

    A bit like the west tyrone comedy

    deeny & sdlp

  • Sharon

    The ‘U2’ article reminded me of a very amusing and interesting piece published a few weeks back on the ‘Irish Republican Bulletin Board’ (IRBB) by a poster who signs in as ‘Ireland’ : apparently , ‘Ireland’ and a few of his ‘mates’ were working in the vicinity of Bono’s then favourite pub in Dublin , ‘The Dockers’ ( on John Rogersons Quay – that pub is long gone now) when the U2 group walked in , with two minders …. the story , as told by the IRBB poster , is fairly long but well worth reading !
    Bono may indeed have had a ‘brush’ with a few Republicans – but perhaps not in the circumstances he claims . Or perhaps ‘ Ireland’ is exaggerating what actually happened that day …
    Either way , its well worth reading ….

    Sharon .

  • Davros

    Bono vs Dana next Presidential election ? 😉

  • franc

    Bono punches Michael McDowell during immigration debate

  • Davros

    More likely to be one of Bono’s minders chins one of Michael McDowell’s minders during immigration debate 😉

  • Sharon

    Hi !

    Me again . I got a link to the IRBB/’Ireland’/U2 article I referred to earlier . Apologises in advance if it does’nt work , as I know very little about these links /HTML code etc . Our ‘Junior’ looks after that end of things !

    Sharon .


    When/if you get there , go back to page one for the start of the story .

  • franc

    McDowell claims his ego remains intact dispite the unprovoked attack from ‘some working class rock singer’.

    “He doesn’t even have a third level education”

    “i have a holiday home you know,and i don’t need planning permission”

    “Thats how important i am ”

    “Up the blue shirts”

  • maca


    I’d take that story with a pinch of salt if I were you 😉

  • Sharon

    Maca wrote –


    I’d take that story with a pinch of salt if I were you ;)” .

    Of course , maca – like any Irish story-teller ,
    ‘Ireland’ has no doubt exaggerated !
    But it does make for good reading , and I would say that something did happen . Not as described , perhaps (!) , but it’s a good story nonetheless .


  • foreign correspondent

    Bono may have his faults but personally, I respect him more than 99.99% of politicians.
    I always thought one of the line’s in U2’s song ‘Please’ was spot-on about NI’s problem:

    ‘You can only feel your own pain…’

  • SeamusG

    Talking of elections – has anyone had a bet on the next Pope? I went on William Hill online and had a tenner on Hummes (11/1) and a fiver on Policarpo (21/1).

  • Davros

    How do you rate Ratzinger’s chances Seamus ?

  • SeamusG

    difficult to rate anyone really but, money aside, I’m hoping Ratzinger dooesn’t get in because I think his “dodgy past” will get dragged up repeatedly.
    I don’t think the traditional Catholic world is ready for a black Pope yet…going on my own mother’s reaction (to my eternal shame) who was horrified at the prospect.
    Anyway, if any of you have an ounce of decency you’ll be praying for he Holy Spirit to interede on behalf of Hummes or Policarpo…LOL

  • SeamusG

    Sorry, I’ve just got back from the pub….

  • McStick

    It is amazing how many people were in Dublin when the bomb went off in the early 70s. Just about everyone I meet who is old enough (and some who clearly aren’t) were in the vacinity of the bomb. It seems that they want to wear a campaign medal for the Troubles. This contrasts with the Northerners – most of who will have had a close encounter of the first kind, but who don’t think of it as a badge of honour – more a badge of shame that we live in such a place.

  • barney


    Actually there was a series of bombs and Dublin is not exactly the biggest city in Europe. Of course the Northies don’t talk about being near a bombing, they wouldn’t want to incriminate themselves, 🙂
    If it’s any consolation, I was old enough at the time but missed out on all of them. I saw a false alarm though, does that count?