McCausland: take Irish out of the Lions

Interesting line taken by North Belfast DUP MLA, Nelson McCausland. He claims that the insertion of the term Irish into what had been the British Lions was political correctness run amok. Thanks to reader Neal for the heads up!

107 thoughts on “McCausland: take Irish out of the Lions”

  1. I, myself, prefer the version being used by Lá – Leoin na hÉireann is na Breataine. It has a nice ring to it.

    What’s this I hear about McCausland wanting to be the next minister for Culture?

    Will the last person leaving please turn out the lights?

  2. Maybe we could draft Nelson’s colleague Paul Berry into the squad… Mind you he’d need to watch out for the hooker in the back row…!

  3. These islands may have been exclusively British in 1905, but it’s a disputable claim to make in 2005.

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