Geraldine Finucane appeals for judge boycott

Pat Finucane’s widow calls for judge’s to boycott taking on the limited inquiry into his death. More than sixteen years after his death, the controversy continues. British government caps on the Cory recommendation, seem set to prolong the campaign indefinately rather than top it out. Although there may be lessons here for more than just the British government.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Is their only objection to this legislation that they want a judge to decide what can be heard in secret rather than a government minister?

    If so it’s hardly an unreasonable request is it?

  • Donnie

    They had a full page ad to this effect in The Times yesterday.

  • Jimmy Sands

    It’s not an unreasonbable request at all. The stubbornness displayed by the British on this has been indefensible. Nevertheless given that the objections are not to restrictions the legislation necessarily imposes but rather to hypothetical restrictions the SoS now has the power to impose, I am inclined to think the family’s approach is tactically flawed. It seems to me more sensible to let it go ahead and pull the rug if and when these new powers are abused. Moreover, the call for a boycott may simply reduce the likelihood that a judge with the necessary cojones will take the gig.

  • Robert Keogh

    Given the history of the case there is no doubt that the inquiries bill will be (ab)used to prevent the truth of the collusion before and after the murder emerging.

    Blair told Reynolds in ’98 that the Finucane case was the worst of all the collusion cases “the shit from this one goes all the way up.”

    There is no need for any inquiry. A complete record of events surrounding Finucanes murder are in John Stevens 2,000 page report submitted in April 2003.

    The truth is known – all that is left is the naming of names.

  • Jimmy Sands


    I don’t know how far up it goes but I don’t believe Blair would have been stupid enough to make a remark like that. I take Reynolds’ recollections with more than a pinch of salt. I merely query the tactics. Boycotting from the outset on the assumption that it will be fixed rather than wait until they try something paradoxically may make it easier for them. Ironically they may end up echoing the provos claim about McCartney, i.e.: we wanted to help but the family just wanted to play politics.

  • barnshee

    “There is no need for any inquiry. A complete record of events surrounding Finucanes murder are in John Stevens 2,000 page report submitted in April 2003”

    1 Have read this “record ” all I can find is conjecture and opinion I can find no proof of stste involvement.

    2 Whatever the actions of individuals in arranging/condoning/supporting murder I cannot find any evidence that the “state” (IE THE CABINET and PARLIAMENT ) approved the actions. Where are the minutes of meetings,witness statements etc which will prove “state” involvement?

  • Tiny

    The Finucane justice ‘machine’ seems to be running out of steam, could it be that since the McCartney murder people are realising that it’s not only Mrs Finucane that demands justice.