Derry Gregory

Turns out, Belfast Sammy isn’t the only DUP triple mandate seeker to do so in different areas. Gregory Campbell is standing for Derry City Council, on the same day as asking the good people of East Londonderry to send him back to the green benches of Westminster.

No Ulster Unionist has a triple mandate. Four DUPs have (Robinson x2, Dodds and Campbell), and by my count another 9 (Foster, Donaldson, Weir, Wilson, Buchanan, Berry, Hay, McCrea (Wm) and Wells) are seeking to attain the same. Of the Ulster Unionists in the same position, at least one (David McClarty) has pledged to resign his Assembly seat should he be returned to Parliament. Why do the DUP needlessly take up seats on Councils when those seats could be filled by persons with more time to devote to that role? Jeffrey Donaldson has proclaimed in the Ulster Star that the duplication between roles justified his decision to seek a seat on Lisburn Council. If he is doing the job anyway, they why take up the seat? Why not let someone else take some of the burden off his presumably full schedule?

  • yerman

    I have to admire your determination and just damn optimism.

    At the end of what has to have been, the worst opening week of an election campaign for any party in history you are still plodding along with the UUP propaganda.

    However, the good people of East Londonderry were well aware who Gregory Campbell was in 2001 and where he happened to hold a council seat and they freely chose him to be their MP. I have absolutely no doubt that they will do so again.

    The electorate have a habit of making their choices – I know you much prefer to think that they are all such indecent plebs that the great unwashed dont really count, but even Mrs Hermon’s dog washer gets to choose who they want as their MP.

    BTW Michael, has Sir Reggie pledged to give up either his Council or Assembly seat in the miraculous circumstances that the people of East Belfast decide to take leave of their senses and send Mr Combover 2005 to Westminster?

    Has Derek Hussey done the same in West Tyrone? Why is Reg different to the rest? Is he more capable than McClarty? I’m happy to let the electorate make their decisions on all these matters – they are the masters whom politicians have to serve, and they are the masters to whom they are always ultimately accountable.

    It seems that the UUP want to attack DUP politicians for doing something which their members would be quite happy to do also, but for the fact that they keep getting rejected by the people.

    Are you a law graduate Michael? Bound to be plenty of opportunity for lawyers around the UUP at the minute. Maybe Rodney McCune will get a gig when the electorate reject him in North Antrim too!

  • Valenciano

    Willie McCrea represented South Antrim in the past despite being a councillor in Magherafelt. So if he is running again for Magherafelt council then surely he counts too?

  • Black Nicky

    You may not know this Michael, so you can be forgiven for passing over it, but – ‘Of the Ulster Unionists in the same position, at least one (David McClarty) has pledged to resign his Assembly seat should he be returned to Parliament’ isn’t the full story about the UUP.

    In the increasingly unlikely circumstance of Michael McGimpsey (and my how popular he is with members of his own party!) being sent to Westminster, it’ll be interesting to see if he lives up to his pledge to resign his Assembly seat.

    Michael made this pledge in Belvoir Hall, during his successful bid to be selected at the UUP candidate. I know, because I was in the room listening to him. Mind you, I didn’t believe a word he said, but there we are: “the UUP, where decent people come to fight each other!” That said, McGimpsey is, with his son running him a close second, the single most unpleasant man I have ever met among all of NI’s democratic politicians. Sadly it’s not nastiness of the sort that betokens fearsome effectiveness, merely that of a chancer who’s got away with it in the compnay of fellow 5th raters for the moment, but deep down knows he’s about to come a cropper.

    Changing the subject entirely, rum that about Belfast UUP MLA Michael ahem Copeland, eh? Still, innocent until proven guilty and all that sort of thing.

    Incidentally, I applaud you for saying ‘Derry City Council’. The absurd official position of our party, as per our witless website, is to refer to something we like call, ‘Londonderry City Council’. It’ll be be a fine day when we get it back to that name, but I don’t think living here and now in a world of make believe is the way to get us there. So good on you for not engaging in what can be an especially stupid form of Unionist Political Correctness.

  • Keith M

    Michael dear boy, can I suggest that you if you want the UUP to surivive in May that you get out on the streets and strat to try and convince people rather than wasting people’s time here. All you are doing is to show us how weak the UUP case is against the DUP. If this is the best you can do, heaven help the UUP. In this country is is quite normal for political representatives to represent areas in which they do not live especially in urban and suburban areas. Bertie Ahern represents (and tops the poll) in Dublin Central, but he lives outside of the constituency (as has for many years). I could go on giving examples, but that would only waste more of my time on this complete non-issue.

    Can I suggest that you do the UUP a favour and go to Portadown and start handing out David Trimble election leaflets. Ten you might get a taste of the real world.

  • arp

    If I was able to feel that those doing two or more jobs could do them all well, I would be quite happy for them to.

    As I see it, certain candidates seem unable to carry out one job – and to run for election into Westminster seems crazy.

    Figures prove that UUP MPs ask oral questions or attend debates or committees.

  • Paul P

    Initially I thought that Michael Shilliday should not be allowed to post such UUP/Trimbleite propaganda.

    But after this I think that he should be given all the opportunity he wants it is good for DUP

  • Dessertspoon

    I don’t know the answer to this but am trying to find out and thought maybe the good people of Sluggerberg Sur Ligne could help – Do a lot MPs in Scotland, England and Wales also stand for their local councils or hold any other electoral offices?

  • Traditional Unionist

    Nope, just the DUP.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Just out of curiosity, can some of y’all go to google and type in: Vote DUP
    and click on “I’m Feeling Lucky”

    Who’s the daddy!?

  • Tiny

    Could the sight of unionist politicians holding down 2 full-time and 1 part-time job be one of the reasons why so many unionists choose not to vote. The practice is banned in Scotland and Europe abd the sooner we follow suit the better!

  • La Dolorosa

    Tiny – could you also to the list – church minister – as a an additional practice to be banned vis a vis taking political office.

  • Davros

    Even more useful I would suggest would be legislation banning people convicted of violent offences, terrorism or who have been in Jail from holding political office.

  • La Dolorosa

    Davros – that would still include some people who wear dog collars…..