Denigration of the (Free) state?

Richard Delevan was not impressed with last week’s Daily Ireland column from Damien Kiberd, whom he accuses of adopting different vocabulary from his normal fare on Dennis O’Brien’s Newstalk, or Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times.

  • Levitas

    Good to see that Richard is well and truly getting into the McCarthyite spirit of denunciation of “fellow travellers”-well its a tradition he may well be fond of would’nt he?-However in this state Richard “unsound” views are part of that old tradition here we call democratic debate and free comment-we disagree and engage in debate- we don’t go for that nasty blacklisting and such like do we??-surely no democrat could disagree, but hell where does it say anywhere that the likes of Delevan are democrats…roll on HUAC (Ireland version).

  • Davros

    we don’t go for that nasty blacklisting and such like do we?

    The Irish Republican movement has a long history of just that Levitas.

  • JK

    Richard who?

    Storm in a teacup. Must be a slow news day if Slugger is referencing this kind of thing!

  • PatMcLarnon

    Complaining about the level of debate and then referring to Daily Ireland in typical neo con garbage as Pravda just about sums up the level of debate at right wing central.

  • Keith M

    I hate the use of the phrase “Free State” to describe my country, whether the people using the phrase Paisley (who has thankfully now stopped) or Kiberd. It is out of simply date and it tells us more about the person using the phrase than anything else. Delevan can conmsole himself that as the article appeared in the Daily Provo, that more copies ended up being used as containers for fish and chips than were actually read.

  • Davros

    more copies ended up being used as containers for fish and chips

    saves on the vinegar Keith 😉

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Well when the South/Republic/26 provide us with a more suitable term than Ireland (which is after all the official name of the state according to their constitution) we can all start calling them somethign else, until then they can’t gripe about what term we use.

  • Richard Delevan

    Ah, Pat, me aul flower! How I’ve missed your bouquets. You people must be the easiest on the planet to wind up. Except possibly the Beijing Politburo. What happened? You guys used to be cool.

    I believe proper neocon orthodoxy would have required me to call DI a Nazi pub, not Pravda.

    As my original post states, I believe Kiberd and the rest of you misguided sould are “entitled” to your views. In case that word was too big for some of you, that means, “has a right to” as in “inalienable right” endowed by his creator. But where I’m from we call such things “self-evident”.

    If you really are so mired in victim mentality that you believe that my suggestion, that ministers might have second thoughts about going on Damo’s show after reading his use of “Free State”, is “McCarthyite” or that such a move (declining the offer of interview on a commercial radio station, for the love of Mike) is anti-democratic, book yourself a slot on Dr Phil.

  • saoirse

    AS a person living in “THE FREE STATE” I most definitely have no problem with that term Keith M. I cant stand it when the likes of McDowell goes on about loyalty to the state, afterall is this realy the state Pearse and Tone fought for? I Think not!

  • Mick

    It’s worth looking at Richard’s updated piece. This part is particularly apposite:

    “…a good portion of those who leave comments on its board would fail a Forensics 101 class for a congenital inability to stay on topic. Post threads, some faster than others, devolve into ad hominem attacks and counter-attacks or (worse) the same people making precisely the same arguments about precisely the same things, no matter what the topic”.

    I’m afraid he’s hit several nails on the head here. And please note: it’s not a political point he’s making. Rather it accurately refers to the deterioration in the standard of play here.

    And he has a point. Too many people evade legitmate argument by throwing a verbal punch instead participating in a serious debate.

    Richard is linked regularly here on Slugger not because of his politics, but because he’s serious minded about what he writes. And, typically for a good blogger, he’s not above making an apology if he gets things wrong.

    Hmmm. That’s not something I’ve heard many of his most vocal and (mostly) annonymous critics come out with.

    There are something like 3-3,500 people reading Slugger every working day. Some of them highly influencial opinion formers.

    This is a marvellous opportunity for ordinary individuals to have their opinions read and be taken heed of. But if you want that then you’ll have to help to seriously up the standard of the game!

  • joedavis

    I’ve often wondered if Kiberd is just one of a vast network of literary hacks, kept off the dole queue by his expertise with the Catholic Nationalist vocabulary? The fear of redundancies within that network, combined with a resistance to modern times, must, I think be panicking quite a few.