Conflict over McCartney intimidation story

The McCartney sisters’ assertion that they were mobbed whilst dropping leaflets was denied by one woman who claims she was part of the alleged mob. Daily Ireland has the report.

It quotes one Mary King of Short Strand:

These reports are completely false. The only people there was me, my sister and two kids. My sister was handed a leaflet by the McCartneys and she let it drop to the ground, as is her choice. As soon as that happened the McCartneys started shouting abuse and one of them behaved really aggressively. They were shouting and swearing at us and then my son came and told us to leave it. I couldn’t believe it when I read there was a dozen people there and that threats had been made. Words were exchanged for sure, but that was it and it came from both sides. You can take it from me, I was there and I know what exactly what happened. There was no crowd of men, no senior republicans or otherwise.

However the paper also quotes Paula McCartney, who adds some detail:

They started calling Robert a coward and said the men who killed him were real men. They are fascists, we told them they should be ashamed of themselves. The men joined in and starting shouting sexual abuse at us. It was a disgrace, we are going through enough without this sort of behaviour.

  • maca

    Before people starting agreeing or disagreeing with me, please note I was taking the piss, I had just read a joke about surveys when I posted my 1:41pm. 😉

  • john


    You seem to have a great insight into the Nationalist population which is strange for someone who clearly detests their very existance.

    Any response on the allegations made by another poster regarding your sectarian comments

    Is really enough to simply reply by saying
    ‘don’t feed trolls ??????????

    A simple true or false would do

    At least it would show a degree and honesty.

  • Davros

    I don’t feed trolls 🙂

  • George

    are you saying a survey on attitudes to police quoted by a Policing Board is less accurate than one quoted by the Belfast Telegraph?

    Maybe while you are it you, as an expert on the Irish psyche, can explain why the majority of the nationalist voting electorate vote for a party that says the police service of Northern Ireland is not yet acceptable.

  • john

    fair enough davros

    continue to peddle your false ‘middle of the road’ beliefs

  • Davros

    I made no comment on relative accuracy George.
    I’ll leave muddying the waters to you 🙂
    The point stands. There are substantial numbers in the nationalist/republican community who do support the PSNI.

    why the majority of the nationalist voting electorate vote for a party that says the police service of Northern Ireland is not yet acceptable.

    Is that supposed to be a serious question George ?
    Are you really saying that all 160,000+ voters who supported SF agree 100% with EVERYTHING the party says? That’s an incredibly naive attitude to party politics as well as containing your usual dishonest misrepresention. A majority of the nationalist electorate haven’t voted for SF. SF have not polled over 250,OOO.

  • George

    I am not muddying any waters I am qualifying information you appear be be bandying around as fact.

    I am also merely stating that it is easier to judge how people feel by looking at the parties they vote for and the stands these parties take in order to get elected than skewed surveys.

    One of the main differences between SF and the SDLP is acceptance of the PSNI. Obviously if the majority of nationalism vote for the party that says the police is not yet acceptable then it is safe to say that substantial numbers in the nationalist/republican community do not support the PSNI.

    Does that not make sense to you or are you still going to hold to the idea that a Belfast Telegraph survey is more accurate than the ballot box itself?

  • Needia

    The question was directed at Davros because of his personal prejudice towards the catholic community.

    As has been posted earlier

    Davros uses this site to try and use any issue to persue his own sectarian agenda
    I’ve lurked here for a while and have never seen evidence of anti-Catholic prejudice on Davros’ part.
    And therein lies the issue of policing in Northern Ireland- which is of course the bigger picture in all of this. The RUC/PSNI are not acceptable to the Republican/Nationalist community.
    If my car gets stolen, I’m going to the NIPS. I’m a ‘Nationalist’ by birth, and they’ve been acceptable to me for a long time, and, as others have said, they’re not universally unpopular or unliked.

  • Davros

    I am not muddying any waters I am qualifying information you appear be be bandying around as fact.

    That’s as dishonest but to be expected when you are struggling. I quoted some articles to illustrate that it is untrue to claim that the PSNI are not accepted by the nationalist/republican community.
    You really are a poor loser George.

  • George

    why do you always start patronising people about “struggling” or “losing” when they question what you have to say? It’s very tiresome. Try defend your arguments rather than demeaning those who disagree with you.

    If you don’t want to accept that the majority of the nationalist electorate voting for a party which categorically states the PSNI is unacceptable can be taken as evidence that substantial numbers in the nationalist/republican community do not support the PSNI then there is nothing more I can say.

  • Intelligence Insider

    Alan McDonald,

    Unfortunately the real reason that neither the RUC or the PSNI are acceptable to republicans is that republicanism in Northern Ireland is really just another term for gangsterism. There really is NO type of police force acceptable to these republican gangsters other than their own “policing”, which involves shooting children in the knees, knifing and hammering to death people in bars who they fall out with, robbing banks, etc.

    They cant accept any type of police force which would involve someone investigating these crimes and putting those responsible behind bars.

  • Jimmy_Sands

    The salient point presumably is that these approval ratings are markedly lower amongst the key “knife-wielding psychopath” demographic.

  • GavBelfast

    II, too true. Why would a criminal mafia and those who make their case for them support a police service, however fair and regulated it was?

  • Davros

    Don’t be so dishonest George.

    1) a majority of the nationalist electorate in NI have yet to vote for a party which states that the PSNI is unelectable.

    2) Even if a majority of nationalist voters supported SF it doesn’t prove that a majority support SF on the Issue of PSNI acceptability.
    ( example that proves you are talking nonsense – the vast majority of votes Cast in the UK are for parties that oppose the return of the death penalty, yet poll after poll shows that people want the death penalty returned for certain crimes)

    3) You have been trying to muddy the waters to detract from the fact that substantial numbers of nationalist voters DO find the PSNI acceptable.

    Please debate properly George or sulk in silence.

  • RedPaul

    Apologies if I have missed this. Is the policing issue about nationalism/unionism or is there another issue here? Everyday policing? 3 years ago I was assaulted by 3 people. Broken rib. bust eardrum and broken nose. The local police..pathetic. Walked away from the scene, I went to the station several days later and was met with inertia. Then I received guff in the post about being a victim. If we are all serious about effective policing can we move beyond the macro politics and actually get real police service delivery on the ground. Sorry for the ear still hurts to this day.

  • JD

    a little or a lot of confidence in the PSNI

    Interesting wording. It could be interpreted to suggest monolithic support, but closer examination might not bear that out.

    I’d suggest that people are by and large practical about these things. For example, they might have confidence in the police force being able to catch say a car thief or a burglar (ordinary decent criminals), but that does not necessarily translate into their confidence on the political level.

    The questions “do you approve of” or “do you have confidence” are loaded: they do not offer the possibility of a true alternative to the police force as is. Rephrase the question as “what would you like to see in a completely new police force?” (or something), and I’d imagine the response would be quite different.

    And we’d be arguing about that.

  • The Reverend Dr. Ian Paisley, MP

    Since 1945, Labour and Tory governments have been busy at running away and getting out. Had the Argies been patient, the Tories would have found a way to betray the Falkland Islanders. There’s little left but the foundation and still the major parties push prescriptions for state suicide! The only way to save Ulster for the Union is to acknowledge nationalism equals treason, and pick a Peter Stolypin with full power to apply the Milosevic formula. No one is upset the Sudetenland is German free.

  • Ian Paisley Junior

    That’s right. Well said.

  • Tomasmaguire

    Perhaps its worth noting Mr Paisley that for every Peter Stolypin there is a Dmitri Bogrov !!!