The pretender to Trimble's throne?

The Press Association have an interview with David Simpson the DUP man who is hoping to unseat David Trimble, leader of the UUP and certainly one of the key personalities that the shaped post ceasefire Belfast Agreement. Trimble is defending a narrow majority of only 2,058 votes. If the DUP fail to take his seat, then they may well struggle to take much anywhere else. However, for the moment, that possibility seems far from Simpson’s mind.

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24 thoughts on “The pretender to Trimble's throne?”

  1. The fact of the matter is that David Simpson is a decent man, whether he votes UUP or not.
    He works hard on the ground in the constituency and is well liked for this.
    The same cannot be said for Troubled Trimble.
    The man is completely out of touch with the voters. He views himself as an aristocrat.
    As Kevin Keegan once said, ‘Id luv it id just luv it’ if we won!!
    I will be getting out to help David Simpson if i can.

  2. And here, meanwhile, is yet more evidence of Ginger Dave’s nous. The good GP, an SDLP hack, who’d have thought?

    Thank God David Burnside is going to be UUP leader by July: David Trimble, the man who for the wretched sake of saving his own seat (by vainly hoping for some more SDLP votes there) was willing to sell out every Unionist west of the Bann by denying us any sort of Unionist candidate.

  3. “Thank God David Burnside is going to be UUP leader by July…”

    But personally i dont think it will be David Burnside MP

  4. “I would be inclined towards any party which is cross-community and social democrat in its principles. Unfortunately the SDLP is not that under this leader…”

    Indeed it’s not, wouldn’t such a position be more akin to the Alliance?

  5. David Burnside!!!!!!!! Oh dear God do the UUP ever want to get a vote again? Why not just merge with the Vogon Party….er..I mean DUP and get it over with.

  6. Nice choice of words qu – “annihilated”.
    A little bit harsh don’t you think (or is annihilation just standard Vogon practice?)

    Anyway, good to see the unionist parties are still getting along (the little jig Garvaghy comes to mind and brings a smile to my face. Hell hath no fury like a reverend scorned it seems)

  7. I do feel this is the end of the road for the UUP.
    admitadly there is no place for complacency during election tiems and work will have to be done, and is being done as we speak.But there are several very winnable seats which will really hurt the UUP when taken by the DUP.
    who have the UUP left when Jimmy, Sammy and David S take there Westminster seats.
    They’re [theUUP] on their last legs as a serious voice. The people have realised that there is only one way forward. 🙂

  8. …and I fear that that way forward is backwards.

    Still you have to admire the Revs staying power. He’s been roaring his politics since the late 60’s – who else can compete with that.

  9. “…and I fear that that way forward is backwards.”

    interesting way to interpret it but i think not. The unionists have a voice. A party with back bone and morals. The voting habit of UUP longtime voters has been cracked!
    The responses on ground indicate that “i’ve voted UUP all my life but this time im voting for yous”
    [implying a vote for the DUP]

  10. beano

    Indeed it’s not, wouldn’t such a position [cross-community and social democrat] be more akin to the Alliance?


    Proposition 1: The Alliance as social democrats – hmm, lemme think, NAAAAAH!!!

    Proposition 1: The Alliance as cross-community. Well, if we see our community as divided not just on sectarian but also on class lines, then the idea of the Alliance as representing anyone other than the upper and middle-class is rather quaint. SDLP are much more cross-community in outlook, appeal and message. They just happen to be nationalist. However, if Alliance can be unionist and cross-community, SDLP can be nationalist and cross-community. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Dr Deeney is clearly as ambitious as ****, and has the smell of Westminster in his nostrils. Do you seriously think he’d join APNI?

    (The most delicious thing about the email, and the insight it gives into the good Doctor’s musings on his political future, is the idea of Carrickmore as “an SDLP town” – anyone got the ward results for Ternon and Drumnakilly? Certainly the nationalist contingent in the Mid-Tyrone part of Omagh Council was 70% shinner. I wonder how his description of Pat Doherty as “the abstentionist candidate” went down round there – they’re not exactly Redmondites you know.)

  11. Just one question for the YUs on their dear leader. He denies any secret deal with SF in a statement released today, claiming to have published the relevant part of the document with SF. What’s in the bit he won’t publish? And why can’t the Unionist electorate see it and make up their own mind? Might not some keen YU want to see what they have secretly signrd up to?

    BTW I’m told that there are serious attempts to deselect Mary and Ernie Hamilton in Foyle after their statement backing jeffrey last week. Sadly the dear leader has already nominated them ,a dnthe UUP are stuck with candidates who-unlike Jack Allen and his yes men clique- at least had the guts to put themselves before the electorate.

    And while we’re on strange candidates- is the Jim Sands standing for the UUP in Antrim the same man who was a primary source for a book called “The Committee” which was alleged to have libelled Trimble and several others some years ago, claiming that there was a secret group of peelers and politicos who were behind a campaign to kill republicans? Is the party really that desperate for candidates? Stephen Nicholl tell us please.

  12. “Proposition 1: The Alliance as social democrats – hmm, lemme think, NAAAAAH!!!”
    I’m not sure quite where they stand on social issues but I’m doubt very much, being the sister party of the Lib Dems, that they’d be uber conservatives.

    “Proposition 1: The Alliance as cross-community. … SDLP are much more cross-community in outlook, appeal and message. They just happen to be nationalist. However, if Alliance can be unionist and cross-community, SDLP can be nationalist and cross-community. Wouldn’t you agree?”

    Aside from the obvious flaw that is is your second “proposition 1”.
    You admitted yourself the SDLP are nationalist, how can unionists (or nationalists) therefore possibly see them as cross-community?
    The Alliance are not unionist and cross community because they are not unionist. They have said they accept the will of the majority and will do so regardless of wheter that be for a NI in the UK or any other constitutional arrangement. Is that how Sinn Fein school defines unionists these days? Alliance as a party have no preference either way, but thank you for taking the time to illustrate your own ignorance on the topic.

  13. To all on Slugger and beyond:
    Here is what to do if you want to get a sensible reply from a Vogon/DUP supporter/politician/voter: forget it. They are one of the most unpleasant races in the Galaxy – not actually evil, but bad tempered….and callous. They wouldn’t even lift a finger to save their own part of the World from the Ravenous Sectarian Beast of the Free Presperterian Church.

    On no account allow a Vogon/DUP supporter/politician/voter to read their manifesto to you……Badly written, it can be an experience of buttock-clenching horror.

  14. Beano

    “The Alliance are not unionist” – oh please! They have a member in the House of Lords who is also a British government nominee to the IMC. Let’s try to have a serious discussion here. They support the retention of the union. There’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t criticise them for that for one second. I have every respect for unionism as a political credo and for sincere, thinking unionists.

    “They have said they accept the will of the majority and will do so regardless of wheter (sic)that be for a NI in the UK or any other constitutional arrangement.” So have the UUP in the GFA. Are they not unionist?

    APNI don’t declare themselves unionists because that way think nationalists will transfer to them. They support the de facto default constitutional position, which is the Union. They have been thoroughly lukewarm on cross-border bodies and have dropped their pants on mandatory coalition. They are unionists in slippers.

    Funny, I had a dig on APNI’s website for a killer quote (silly me!). I couldn’t find their position on the Union (partly because I didn’t have time). I did, however, notice this gem. Click on “Party Policy”, then “Party Analysis” – result: “No records found”!!!

    “Sinn Fein school” – oh puh-lease!! DO we have to start that nonsense. Can I not have ideas most of which are nationalist, many of which are socialist, some of which are republican, without you feverishly imagining me as class prefect in some Ballymurphy madrassa. I haven’t caricatured your views. Bit o’ respect?

    Proposition 1 vs Proposition 1 – d’oh! – cut & paste pixie strikes again

  15. M-CT, Deeny is originally from Downpatrick, thus the implication that he grew up in a SDLP town. I don’t think anyone is naive enough to refer to An Charraig Mhor as anything other than republican.

  16. Happy days !! I just can,t wait until 6th/7th

    May to see Trimble unseated by all those Indecent

    Voters of Upper Bann

  17. All this stuff is so much bullsh1t. You wouldn’t mind if any of them had any intention of doing anything for the likes of you and me – One more Hitchhiker reference (paraphrased heavily)

    “If Norn Iron Politicans don’t keep exercising their lips their brains start working.”

    Vote don’t vote who cares. I’m so depressed.

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