Paisley the man who says, never, never, never?

Ian Paisley has been supplying newspaper men with good copy for generations. The occasion of his nomination has inspired Danny Morrison’s column this week in Daily Ireland, to bring the bogey man of Nationalism out for one more airing.

  • Davros

    I had a good laugh at Danny’s potted bio at the foot of that article :

    Danny Morrison is a regular media commentator on Irish politics. He is the author of three novels and three works of non-fiction.

    A few omissions there …

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Saw that bio last time one of his articles from the DI was posted here – his fiction is certainly not constrained to his novels!

  • Ford Prefect

    As much as it pains to say it Danny makes some good points about the DUPs and Bobert McCartney. Wow 25 years before we can have our own government if that doesn’t convinve you not to vote DUP what will. If people still do when the big fellas gone we can try again. I suppose not even IP Snr can last another 25 years or can he??

    How old is the fossil now anyway? Isn’t there a mandatory retirement age for polticians and if not why the hell not??

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    He’s 79. Oldest Assembly Member elected in the last vote.

  • aquifer

    “In relation to Peter, optimists often quote and infer a tendency toward pragmatism on his part simply because he decided to set his principles aside, plead guilty and pay the fifteen thousand punts fine instead of going to jail over his criminal conviction for invading Clontibret back in 1986.”

    And all that time I thought the fine was paid for Peter Robinson by an anonymous benefactor. So naive.

  • tiny

    The same people who see pragmatism in the DUP see the IRA going away