Our first sponsor: Stakeholder Communications!

Two cheques arrived in the post this morning. One was an airmailed donation from Hungary, and the other a contribution from our first public corporate sponsor, the Stakeholder Group, a communications company specialising in a range of PR, Events and Public Affairs services, and with offices in Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow and London. These two contributions take us very close to our initial target of blogging a week of the election campaign. But further donations will help us cover more!

  • pakman

    Well done TK !

  • Mick

    Amen to that Pakman! This kind of public affirmation of our work goes a long way to underwriting the value of our work. It will no doubt help our case when we seek backing to secure a longer term for our work here on Slugger after the election!

  • crat

    Given the size of the corporate sponsor and its likely profits this advertising for what seems a smaller donation per head than individual contributors seems a bit OTT. A lot of ad for bugger all contribution per person but when you prostitute yourself to ‘the man’ you have to turn the tricks his few pennies expect.

  • tom

    Thank you Peter and Mick. I can assure you ‘crat’ that democracy is safe. Tom