I don't want to worry you but…

After several days wrestling with a trojan that made me question my attitude to the death penalty this was the last thing I wanted to see.

  • Friendly Fire

    Death penalty for Bill Gates.

  • Keith M

    “After several days wrestling with a trojan..”. You should try a Durex featherlite mate!

  • Henry94

    As I Mac user all I can say is I understand how PC users must feel.

  • The Devil


    You have not got rid of your trojan….

    It was sent to you by the shinners on slugger, I refered to it some weeks ago.

    It will get worse, strip out you pc A.S.A.P

    Don’t even waste your time with anti virus, it neutralizes them before they can be activated making you think you have no trojan… but you have

    It will then attack your internet settings and restrict you on what web sites you can visit. If you want proof of this click on downloads.com and try downloading an antivirus, the internet trojan will disconect you straight away. It does like to protect it’s self.

    Take no chances collapse a partician wall and wipe the trojan for good.

    Then you can ponder which one of sluggers contributors/moderators gave the shinners your ISP

  • Jimmy Sands

    But D, I have their ISPs now :))

    While trying to check something for a forthcoming post (I’m nothing if not conscientious) I noticed a strange dearth of sf e-mail addresses. Is this significant do you think?

  • maca

    I got a bunch of trojans a few days ago on a “crack” site. Cleaned them up in a tick. What av software you using? Try AVG, always works for me.

  • The Phantom

    Your excellent website has been quoted by my new, beginner’s blog http://viewfrom103.blogspot.com/

    Keep an eye on my site if you like, I think your site adds value to the Irish / World Conversation.

  • Be jaysus

    Try the following:

    Anti Virus: AVG or Avast
    Anti Malware: a2 (as in A squared)
    Adware & other Spyware: Adaware

    All free and they do work. Just one thing before you try to remove anything, you need to turn off your system restore (Windows help will tell you how, its very easy), reboot then scan it and remove any nasties found. Once removal is done…reboot, re-scan, check its all gone then turn on your system restore again.

    In the words of the West Belfast IT Security Party, Scan early and scan often….

  • maca

    I’d add “Spybot: Search and Destroy” to that list, combined with Adaware & AVG your system will be pretty safe.
    No harm getting ZoneAlarm too.

  • PS

    I noticed a strange dearth of sf e-mail addresses. Is this significant do you think?

    It is only significant for those who seem to spend their days thinking of all possible petty way to attack Sinn Féin or its members. So in your case Jimmy, its probably a ground shattering development ;)!

    If you want to contact any SF member by email I’m sure you only have to ask.

  • Jimmy Sands


    No need to be quite so defensive. I’m sorry you took it as an attack. I wished to ask a question and noticed that no SF representative appears to have a publicly available e-mail address. Merely an observation. There appears to be one general admin address on the party site and I have directed my question there.

    btw thanks for the IT hints but the gremlins have gone.