Dirty tricks against Deeny…

THE Deeny saga continues. After an SDLP councillor backed the independent Assembly member yesterday for the West Tyrone seat, today an email from Dr Deeny emerges in which he held out the prospect of joining the party in the future – which he now appears to have ruled out.

The Carrickmore GP denied it represented an offer to join, saying:

“I would be inclined towards any party which is cross-community and social democrat in its principles. Unfortunately the SDLP is not that under this leader and I have to say there would be no prospect of me considering joining while Mark Durkan is there acting in such a dictatorial fashion towards his constituency associations.”

In the last European election Kieran Deeny backed independent candidate, John Gilliland, who stood against the SDLP.

With his opponents in turmoil and if things remain as they are, Pat Doherty seems certain to retain the seat for Sinn Fein.