Close to UUP: who’s indecent?

Seamus Close isn’t happy about the UUP’s attack line in Lagan Valley:From Seamus Close:

Basil McCrea further illustrates the hypocrisy of his party by referring to “decent people”. The suggestion is clear – that if they do not vote for him they are somehow “indecent”. This is a gross insult to the people of Lagan Valley.

Perhaps he would outline to people what is “indecent” about voting for the only party with a plan to deliver accountable, local democracy; with a plan to end conflict and segregation; and with a plan to make Northern Ireland work? I’ve news for Mr McCrea – that
party isn’t the one he represents.

People will be gravely offended by Mr McCrea’s suggestion, and I am sure they will pass judgement on it come polling day.

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