Tiger robbers take £1 million from Brinks.

Another robbery. This time a mere £1 million has been taken in yet another tiger robbery. The victim this time was a female employee who was ordered to bring the money to a filling station in Finaghy. On the edge of South Belfast.

  • Jacko

    Finaghy, Belvoir and Annadale, this has UDA written all over it.
    Should make for an interesting conversation piece over drinks at the 19th hole on the next visit to the K Club.

  • rust

    I wonder will Jim Gray be looking for his cut!!!

    This must be what Jackie McDonald was talking about when he said the uda where going to ‘clean up’ the organisation.

  • kitty

    Wasn’t part of that DUP political party broadcast filmed there? That thunder was the give away!
    I see their hand in this hehe!

  • PatMcLarnon

    While there is even the remotest possibility at laying this job at the door of republicans (given the election) it is a bit premature to blame unionists.

  • Jacko

    Had to laugh at the poisoned dwarf giving his “analysis” on UTV. It might be either an organised criminal gang or paramilitaries, he said. That enlightened us no end.

    Then, fearful of losing contact with the only people who still speak to him if asked to specify what paramilitary group operates throughout that area, he decided to concentrate on the old it-wouldn’t-have-happened-if-special branch-were-still-around line.

    Yeah, the good old days when you could sleep in your bed at night knowing that Special Branch had so many touts feeding information nothing ever happened – except about 3,000 odd murders, God knows how many maimings and bombs going off all over the show. Nostalgia is great.

  • kitty

    “While there is even the remotest possibility at laying this job at the door of republicans (given the election) it is a bit premature to blame unionists.”

    I do apologise there Pat. I was just in a fog after watching that DUP broadcast TWICE once on UTV and once on BBC. I thought I saw some buildings in the broadcast that are in the vicinity of the robbery. That is often enough to blame the shinners and throw away the key.:):)

  • Levitas

    This was obviously the work of the provisional IRA no other paramilitary organisation in the world could have masterminded this……just thought I’d say that so the PSNI would have a clue where to start looking :))

  • plod

    “they were very forensically aware”

    “very few organisations would have had the capability”

    “we had no prior intelligence about this dastardly crime”

    “it must have been the provos”

    Just preempting the Psni news conference,tomorrow.

  • Henry94

    We should wait until it is confirmed that the IRA have left their trademark “no fingerprints” before we jump to conclusions.

  • GavBelfast

    If we had proper piers in this part of the world, there would be no end of performers for them judging by the salivating comedians resident round here.

    Is no one bothered that these robberies are occurring with increasing regularity and apparent alacrity?

    Or that we have another couple brutalised and traumatised, not to mention their families, and others who work in security/money carrying firms worried if they will be next?

  • barney

    I think the point is that the PSNI are not too bothered as they need only blame the IRA before retiring to their local social club/hideout. Remember the Northern?