Slackjaw joins the fray..!

SLUGGER contributor slackjaw has caught the blogging bug and started his own website. It’s not everyone that can fit the Pope, porn, the Sunday Times and S&M into the same post, but Hugh Green means it… most sincerely, folks. Some nice anedotes too, so click onThis entry also made me laugh:

I was 3 in 1979. My only memory of PJP2 coming to Ireland was of me falling down the stairs. I have no idea what proportion of Ireland’s working population is younger than me, or how many people here were growing up in other countries around the world at that time. Most people I spoke to last week expressed no interest in a national day of mourning whatsoever. But we all cop the admonishment equally. It reminds me of the priest in a neighbouring parish to my own, who a few years ago found a used condom in the grounds of his church. He was so enraged that the following morning, a Monday, he declared to the 10 or so elderly women in attendance at morning mass that all the women in the parish were little more than sinful hoors.

Hat tip to ATW.