More UUP support for DUP

Former UUP MLA Jean Coulter has endorsed the DUP`s South Belfast candidate Jimmy Spratt. Husband and wife UUP councillors, Ernie and Mary Hamilton, in Londonderry have indicated they are supporting Jeffrey Donaldson in Lagan Valley whilst also voicing their support for the actions of Lord Molyneaux and the Rev. Martin Smyth.

The News Letter quotes the couple as saying:

“We are fully behind Jeffrey Donaldson and wish him well in the election. He, along with his colleagues, stand for traditional unionist values. We very much support traditional unionist values and have always advocated working closely with all unionists who are endeavouring to oppose republicans and strengthen the Union.

We also wish to be associated with the decision of Lord Molyneaux and Rev. Martin Smyth, men who served Ulster with distinction, to be photographed with South Belfast DUP candidate Jimmy Spratt.

We look forward to the coming together of Unionists in the days ahead and believe that the Unionist community will speak with one voice in both the Westminster and local council elections in support of those who have maintained strong, solid and traditional unionist principles.”

  • Dessertspoon

    What are traditional unionist values?

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Good question – I’d like to know that one myself.

    One would presume the rule of law and the right to self-determination for Northern Ireland would be a solid grounding. But I don’t hear McGimpsey, Trimble and co. coming out against either of these.

  • Keith M

    Perhaps the UUP should look at the fate of another party who signed up to an agreement that eliminated its political support.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Keith are you saying the agreement that ended apartheid was a mistake?

  • fair_deal

    I must admit that the persistent use of the phrase traditional unionist values really gets on my tits.

    The performance of traditional Unionism during the Troubles was terrible. Unionism needs effective politicians, effective negotiators and if devolution returns effective ministers

  • kitty

    “What are traditional unionist values? “

    1- Gerrymander constituencies to create a Unionist Majority and silence Nationalists,
    2- Create a State Police that will uphold the tradional Unionist Values of superiority, dominance, and sectarianism,
    3- Encourage and participate in the collusion between State Police and Loyalist Death squads to silencethrough murder those ‘uppity croppies'( then run to Gold Coast wash hands of same Loyalist mugs),

  • Alan2

    Organisation Responsible for the death:

    British Security 363
    Irish Security 5
    Loyalist Paramilitary 1020
    not known 80
    Republican Paramilitary 2055
    TOTAL 3523

  • Peter

    I dont think that you can compare S.Africa with N.Ireland. In any majority election there the NP was going to be eliminated.

    The UUP made terrible mistakes. They signed up to an agreement but then were led a merry dance by G.Adams and co.Infact the UUP were humiliated by SF. No assembly should have been set up in 1998 until the IRA had disbanded. That should have been the bottom line.

  • davidbrew

    I’ve a lot of sympathy for the idea that effective is a lot more important than “traditional”, particularly since that test puts the UUP even further down the list for deserving a vote. So they tried to do a deal. So what? They were comprehensively suckered not once but three times. They have a very poor record of service at local level, with a large section of dead wood in their council candidates. Sure, there are some DUP duds too, but generally such talent as Unionism has is in the DUP. It’s certainly time to give them a chance to stem the tide. Perhaps they’ll make as big a horlicks as the Trimble brigade but I doubt it. All my UUP contacts are totally despondent about their party’s chances of surviving this month.

  • steve48

    Would have to disagree with DavidBrew on the talent issue. There are areas where the uup still out perform the dup South Antrim being notable. While things will be bad in certain areas lets remember the dups have delivered nothing yet and while they have ruled out d’Hondt they haven’t ruled out a voluntary coalition with the shinners.

  • Bob Wilson

    Simple definition of ‘traditional unionist values’: Protestant Unionism. A belief that the Union can best be defended by maximising the vote and opportunities of the Protestant section of the electorate.

    A truely stupid policy

  • Paddy Matthews

    Former UUP MLA Jean Coulter

    When exactly was Jean Coulter last a member of the Assembly?

  • Tiny

    before my time, my memories if Ms Coulter are her goinmg to the UUP conference year after year and to polite applause calling for a bigger flag!

  • Keith M

    “Keith are you saying the agreement that ended apartheid was a mistake?” There no agreement which ended apartheid, it was unilaterally ended by F. W. de Klerk in 1990, when he admitted that it had failed. The subsequent deal which threatens to turn RSA into a single party state is in my opinion flawed, but this isn’t the place to discuss RSA.

  • Robert Keogh


    British Loyalists Republicans Civilians Total
    British Security 12 14 142 184 352
    Loyalists 13 85 40 799 937
    PIRA 1013 30 140 516 1699
    Republicans 65 12 30 145 252
    not known 7 1 17 55 80

    *190 Deaths caused by Gardai, DAAD, CRF, IPLO, LRDG, PAG, PLA, PLA, PRA, RHC, RepAF, SE, UDR, USC were not included in these statistics.

  • Keith M

    Paddy M, Coulter was a member of the failed 1973 assembly and was elected to the constitutional convention in 1975. You should bookmark Nick Whyte’s site.

  • Tiny

    You have to feel sorry for Ed Matts, the prospective Tory Candidate in Dorset South whose face is plastered all over the national press, his crime, placing a doctored a photograph in his election material.

    Our politicians get it much easier, take Jeffrey Donaldson for instance, in his election literature there he is standing in front of the new Primary School being built at Hillsborough, look closely though and you can clearly see a fine white line round our wee MP.

    Yes Jeffrey’s been pasted onto rather than be photographed in front of the school. Could the reason behind this attempt at photographic deception be anything to do with his unsuccessful attempts to block the construction of the new school?

    Maybe Jeffrey will follow Mr Matts example and apologise for trying to take credit for something he fought against?

  • Alan2


    Does that figure include the likes of policemen attending road traffic accidents which were actually set-ups with booby trap bombs?
    what you mean like:-
    “Linda was on duty that evening with Const Ken Sheehan when IRA gunmen ambushed them. Linda, who was unarmed, as woman constables did not carry weapons at this time, was shot at close range in the neck.”

    “”We never felt we had to worry about David at all, as he had been out of the UDR so long that we had even forgotten that he had been in it,” said Catherine.
    Unfortunately, others had not forgotten and, despite the fact that he had only recently changed his car again, there was an ambush waiting for him along the road.
    “When he was driving along the Mel-mount Road, near Melmount chapel, a car came driving towards him and swerved into his path. It hit the driver’s side of David’s car and pushed him off the road.”
    The occupants then jumped put and shot David four or five times and his death certificate shows that he had a “laceration of the heart and had been hit on the left lung and liver”.
    When they finished shooting, they hijacked a passing car and ordered the disabled driver and child out of it before driving off.”


    “”It was the car that the friends were talking about as John leaned in the window and Alan had suggested buying it from him. They had come to an agreement and were about to shake on it but John said no, as it was not lucky to make deals on a Sunday.”
    Suddenly there was a screech of brakes and a car ground to a halt in front of them, and bullets were being fired from automatic weapons.
    When the shooting stopped, the car sped off again and Alan was seriously injured but still alive. His friend was also injured and it was he who was taken in the ambulance that Dessie saw at the hospital.
    John McCloy, who had just stopped for a quick chat with his friends, was dead and despite his injuries, when he saw his friend was dead, Alan’s last words were “Oh no, not John.”
    People ran to help the dead and injured, and Alan lived for 20 minutes after the shooting before succumbing to his injuries.
    “He had been hit a few times in the chest and abdomen but with all of this, be still survived for that 20 minutes.”
    The killer jumped back into his car and sped out of Garvagh towards the village of Kilrea, and fortunately ran into a UDR patrol that had been in the area, who immediately arrested all of the occupants. The killer was tried and convicted and ordered to serve two life sentences for the murder of the two men. Fortunately the third survived.”