More UUP support for DUP

Former UUP MLA Jean Coulter has endorsed the DUP`s South Belfast candidate Jimmy Spratt. Husband and wife UUP councillors, Ernie and Mary Hamilton, in Londonderry have indicated they are supporting Jeffrey Donaldson in Lagan Valley whilst also voicing their support for the actions of Lord Molyneaux and the Rev. Martin Smyth.

The News Letter quotes the couple as saying:

“We are fully behind Jeffrey Donaldson and wish him well in the election. He, along with his colleagues, stand for traditional unionist values. We very much support traditional unionist values and have always advocated working closely with all unionists who are endeavouring to oppose republicans and strengthen the Union.

We also wish to be associated with the decision of Lord Molyneaux and Rev. Martin Smyth, men who served Ulster with distinction, to be photographed with South Belfast DUP candidate Jimmy Spratt.

We look forward to the coming together of Unionists in the days ahead and believe that the Unionist community will speak with one voice in both the Westminster and local council elections in support of those who have maintained strong, solid and traditional unionist principles.”