McGrady: Who’s smearing who?

Eddie McGrady’s rival for the South Down seat, Catriona Ruane of Sinn Féin, has said her party wasn’t behind a leaked NIO office memo which appeared in the Irish News (subs needed) and contains stinging criticism by McGrady of John Hume’s peace strategy.Ruane said on SF’s website:

” I utterly refute Eddie McGrady’s allegation that Sinn Féin leaked this NIO memo. This is a futile attempt by Mr McGrady to distract attention from the substance of the document.. This document is written by a senior British Official. If there is any smear involved it is by that Official. If the author of the memo has libelled Mr McGrady then he should sue him.

” Any objective analysis of Mr McCabe’s report shows that:

If it had been up to Mr McGrady there would be no Peace Process
According to Mr McGrady every one was out of step except him. This included grassroots SDLP members, John Hume and the Irish and British governments.

Mr McGrady was opposed to comprehensive, inclusive negotiations.

Mr McGrady placed narrow party political interests in front of the
development of what at that time an embryonic peace process

Mr McGrady opposed the development of a nationalist consensus on the way forward.

” These are the allegations which Mr McGrady has to answer.”