Paisley kicks off party's campaign..

Courtsey of the ubiquitous Newshound, the Ballymoney Times was at Ian Paisley’s nomination for the Westminster North Antrim seat. It’s most notable for the key messages that are likely to dominate in the party’s election campaign.

  • Alan McDonald

    The Ballymoney Times. I can’t quite get my head around the ides of Ballymoney having its own newspaper. Has the town gotten a lot bigger since we stopped there for a pee on the way to Portrush back in ’58?

  • Alan McDonald

    “ides” = idea

  • barney

    Stick with “ides”, it works so much better. ‘Beware the Ides of Ballymoney’.

  • Dessertspoon

    “while some will be slightly surprised at his selection” – Who exactly? I can’t imagine there was anyone apart maybe from Junior who thought it was his turn now.

    “The DUP obstacle to progress has to be removed” Damn Right! In fact if the DUP and the IRA were to disband the world would be a nicer place 😉

    “I have a message for Gerry Adams and the rest of the IRA army council this Unionist is not for budging. Ulster is ours! Ulster will remain ours! and there is no place for armed gunmen and IRA gangsters in the government of this country for as long as I am in charge.” In charge of what? Quick Nurse the screen Mr Paisley is having one of his turns!!

  • Whatabout

    Like it or lump it, he will probably be first minister when the dust settles over decommissioning and the IRA have ‘gone away’. A bit of a verbal slip in the midst of election fever?

  • Alan McDonald

    From my vantage point (3000 miles away), I think it is more likely that Sinn Fein will be in government in the Republic before anyone is first minister in Northern Ireland. If I read the DUP correctly, there must be (1)decommissioning + (2)IRA going away + a decent interval by which to judge that 1 and 2 actaully happened (I’m guessing years rather than months). Bertie Ahern, on the other hand, is more likely to drop the PD’s for the SF’s directly after the next election.

  • Dessertspoon

    Could be right Alan in fact Bob McCartney (the DUPs bestest pal in the whole world) said this morning on a local radio station that he’d been given the impression by the DUP it would be at least 25 years before they could even consider going into government with anyone nevermind SF. So if that’s true could I ask everyone wanting a future for themselves and their children not to all rush to the ferries and airports at once – lets just do it sensibly – we’ll have a rota – oh no wait we could of course Not Vote DUP that would really help!!

  • Davros

    I wouldn’t overreact when it comes to statements such as the 25 year one Dessertspoon. This is a negotiation period and that sort of thing is great leverage. Remember the success of the “not a bullet, not an ounce ” stance when it came to extracting concessions?

  • Alan2

    Like I said..polls suggest Unionists are apathetic towards an Assembly so accountable direct rule beckons.

  • maca

    “Like it or lump it, he will probably be first minister when the dust settles over decommissioning and the IRA have ‘gone away'”

    I doubt it. More than likely he’ll be in the grave at that stage*. It’s not that the IRA just need to decommission & go away, the DUP need to believe it has happened. Then there’s the “trial period” Robinson was whinging about in the papers today. Then there’ll be something else… and something else …

    *And the world will be a better place …