Opportunity, rather than a crisis

Very interesting reading from author Jonathan Tonge in the FT today. He offers an unusually upbeat perspective on the events of the last four months or so. He argues that the Bank robbery and the McCartney sister’s campaign may have brought about an opportunity, rather than a crisis to disengage the IRA finally and permanently from its armed struggle. Though he also believes the sisters may never have their wish for justice for their brother fulfilled. His book looks worth a read too!

  • Davros

    Not impressed with this offering from an academic.

    “The historic breakthrough of a severance of the Sinn Féin-IRA link came amid much overblown talk of crisis in the peace process.”

    Eh ? When did this occur ?

    The article is wishful thinking and gross and inaccurate oversimplification.

  • Dessertspoon

    Lisa: Dad do you know that the Chinese use the same world for opportunity as for crisis?

    Homer: Yes Lisa – Crisitunity!!

  • Paul

    What do you mean Davros re when did this this occur? Adams has never previously asked the IRA to stand down, so seems kinda significant to me. Anyway, read Moloney for where Adams is taking the IRA – i.e. consigning the Ra to history

  • Davros

    Adams has never previously asked the IRA to stand down

    Really ? I didn’t notice anything different this time from all those other breakthough speeches where he asks the IRA to possibly consider etc etc