Foster on Foster…

The Young UU’s have sparked an interesting discussion on their blog with Sam Foster’s letter to the Newsletter’s questioning Arlene Foster’s sincerity and loyality to the UUP, when she jumped ship after taking her seat in the Assembly elections under that party’s banner.

  • Indeed

    Are the tired, out of touch and vindictive ramblings of Sam really that important?
    What Sam doesnt realise is that he holds no sway in FST, except with those that would vote for a donkey as long as it was a UUP donkey.

  • Chris Gaskin

    “except with those that would vote for a donkey as long as it was a UUP donkey.”

    So he has a lot of sway then 😉

  • fair_deal

    This from the man who would stoutly defend UUP policy right up until they broke it and then stoutly defend that policy change without a blink of an eye.

  • Dessertspoon

    I think what Sam forgets is people change and their views of the world they live in change with them and she may have genuinely believed in the UUP when she joined. That said if you stand for one party (knowing that most people in Norn Iron vote for a party and not the individual) already planning your defection that is dishonest! You should have the integrity to stand down. Not that I’m saying she did this….but if she did then how do the new bosses know she won’t jump somewhere else if it becomes expedient to do so in the future.

  • pakman

    I would have thought that given his frankly embarassing performance as a minister (especially at the dispatch box) Sam would have had the sense to keep his head down and enjoy his retirement. That said I think the contrast between the two Fosters neatly sums up what is happening in unionism in FST and beyond – one old, tired and out of politics the other vital and clearly at the hub of the process.

  • joe

    I think pakman has summed it up – anyone who ever watched Minister’s questions on ‘Stormont Live’ could never forget Sam Foster’s trademark phrase of desperately stringing out his ‘I thank the Member for the question, it is a very important issue etc etc,’ which was continued for just long enough to allow a Civil Servant to scribble out a quick answer which was then thrust in front of Sam for him to read out.

    Every Minister was thrown the odd googly the odd time which they would have found it hard to give a quick answer to straight off the cuff. But even the most routine and mundane of questions seemed to out-fox the estwhile Minister for the Environment.

    No doubt on a personal level he was a nice decent fella, but as a Minister he just didnt cut the mustard and how he has wedded himself so absolutely to Trimble’s policies no-matter how many u-turns or changes highlights a bit of a lack of political insight. Even the McGimpsey’s and Empey’s of this world have sometimes uttered the odd note of caution, but never good ole Sam.

  • pete

    At least sam didnt turn his back on the people who voted for him!

  • fair_deal


    “At least sam didnt turn his back on the people who voted for him!”

    She is running again in the same constituency hardly running away or fearful of a negative reaction from the voters.

  • Indeed


    Arlene has done nothing of the sort.

    On the other hand if we want to talk about turning our back on things, what about Sam’s pledge of ‘no guns, no government’?
    At the end of the day the 5th May will tell the tale of whether FST backs Arlenes commitment to her poltical principles, or the careerist Tom Elliott who gave up his polticial principles for his beloved UUP. The funny thing is Tom’s career will be in tatters after the election becasue of his, and his party’s demise.

  • pete

    Yes she is running again but my point is she will be getting her main support from the normal dup voters. My point is she will not be taking all off her 5000 votes from last time.

  • pete

    Yes she is running again but my point is she will be getting her main support from the normal dup voters. My point is she will not be taking all off her 5000 votes from last time.

  • Gonzo

    the other vital and clearly at the hub of the process.

    Yet after this election, she won’t be an MP, and there won’t be an Assembly for her to be an MLA!

  • pakman


    in the inevitable talks about talks leading to talks who do you think is going to be at the table – Sam or Arlene? Assembly or no assembly the process will trundle on.

  • Gonzo


    I know, I know. Arlene’s young, bright and articulate, and I wish her well following her imminent defeat.

    I think we’re being a little hard on Sam though. How soon we forget about someone’s Parkinson’s – and so soon after another story in which everyone was happy to lay into another person about…

  • pakman


    no one until your 1030 post had mentioned Sams’ current medical condition. No one until your 1030 post thought it relevant or necessary to do so. Perhaps there was a reason for that.

    BTW the attempt to link this discussion to the Pope mimick story/ non story is in very poor taste and a crude attempt to steer the discussion away from the legitimate comparrison between old UUP Foster and young DUP Foster. A comparrison which Sam has invited by his latest missive to the press about his neice (by marraige).

  • Proud arlene Foster Voter- TH

    Who do the UUP in FST really think they are?!
    They have became so full of themselves and blind in their own arrogance as of late. They are completly alienating anybody who would ever consider voting for them!!
    Let’s make one simple fact crystal clear. It is not Tom Elliott who is calling the shots in FST UUP. It is the spineless and decreped gentry of the Cooper, Ferguson & West blow-heads who are pulling this puppet’s strings.
    Cooper couldn’t help hide his rage when Robert saulters came out in favour of Arlene Foster. His plan to play the orange card has back fired and he is left raging in his Regal Pass hideout.
    Now Tom is trying to play the farming card as the simple, down-to-earth farmer’s friend. How laughable.
    Tom Elliott was supposed to be anti-agreement! Boy how times have changed. I know people who voted for both Tom Elliott and Robert Mulligan who will be voting for Arlene. Can the UUP honestly claim to have secured a single assembly election Morrow or Johnston voter!!
    Arlene is also extremly popular with first time voters.
    The UUP will have a lot of questions to answer on May the 5th if they let Gildernew in through their sheer arrogance and ignorance of the facts!

  • Young Fermanagh Unionist

    Vote Arlene Foster in FST and we Might have a unionist MP

    Vote Tom and get Gilderniew the UUP will have a few questions to answer after this election. At the moment the pecking order in FST

    Michelle Gilderniew 17000-19000

    Arlene Foster 12000 – 14000

    Tom Eliott – 7000

    Tommy Gallagher – 6000

    Do you see how Sinn Fein have collapsed the SDLP vote and unionists need to do the same to the UUP vote. Tell me on these figures it is POINTLESS voting for Tom


  • Fermanagh Young Unionist

    Hmmm yea well I wonder who TH is…

    Ok then give me an example of how the UUP are ‘blind in their own arrogance’ in Fermanagh. Whatever ya do donÂ’t start talking about the euro elections crap for not so long ago you would have dismissed them a unreliable as well.

    Here, you well know that saulters announcement annoyed all of the senior UU as well as all the senior county lodge here. Cooper isnÂ’t even in the lodge. My personal opinion is that when saulters is replaced within the OL sometime in the future then he will go running straight to Ian paisleys doorstep looking to become a elected member of the- wait for……. DUP! It should be said that this is just his personal backing, no way what so ever was he speaking on behalf of the whole OL.

    Well you probably have heard then; the DUP’s main sentence when their out canvassing is ‘would you rather have a solicitor MP or just a tacky farmer’. Now I donÂ’t know about you but I would take offence from this as would all the farmers in FST.

    YouÂ’ve heard Tom say himself that he always has been and always will be anti-gfa so whatÂ’s the problem?

    BTW you claim that the UU vote will go down over 10,000 votes here!! You honestly think that Arlene will keep her whole 5000 and then have managed to persuade at least another 4000 voters…. I THINK NOT

    Now heres my prediction:

    Michelle Gildernew = 19,000
    Tom Elliot = 13,000
    Arlene Foster = 11,000
    Tommy Gallagher = 8,000

  • Young Fermanagh Unionist

    The DUP support farmers and have NEVER described Tom as a tacky farmer.

    Your poll has one good factor in that the unionst electorate has went up by over 4000 since the last election and I hope that will be the case.

    I feel Tom is damaged goods, seen as weak and not the man for the job. When my dad a friend of Toms has chosen to support Foster it says something for Toms campaign.

    You think the UUP vote will only go down by 1000, 5000 would still be a condervative estimate and when you add that to arlenes it leaves her on 15000 with tom on around 8000 we really need the uup’s vote to collapse like the SDLPs to ensure we have unionist representation after the election.

  • Fermanagh Young Unionist

    Would you care to explain your accusation that it has went up 4000, i followed the 2001 Westminster results and remember they are a completely different ball game than euro elections.

    Well that is the word anyway out on the street that the DUP are using that in some of the villages ect. I cant verify it but i find it very easy to believe it.

    And you know what the sad part is for Arlene: she knows that if she had stuck with the UU then she would be our parliamentary candidate and she would have a clear run and nearly guaranteed the seat.

  • the real Fermanagh Young Unionist

    Who ever wrote the last comment would they like to explian?

    *** Oh yea too the people running this site – are you able to check the commentars IP’s? ***

  • Cyril Brownlee

    After the reception myself and some colleagues got going round the doors the last few nights, and the phone calls some of us have had throughout the day regarding young Berry I think Arlene should just pack it in for the sake of Unionism. It’s obvious Tom is the only candidate that can win now and by Arlene standing she is only giving sinn fein another opportunity of winning.

  • Indeed

    Mark Ovens,

    Want to see me doing something really big and funny… the next post

  • Alec Baird

    Tom Elliott should pull out of the FST race because the reception i got at both doors i have knocked during the campaign is that a vote for Tom Elliott is a vote for a Sinn Fein MP.

  • Indeed

    Now Mark,

    You see anybody can go onto this site and pretend to be somebody else. Do you really think that people think Cyril Brownlee would post that rubbish? No. You fool nobody. If thats the best Young Unionists have to offer nowadays, its a good job they’ll be no party left for you after Friday.

  • Fermanagh Young Unionist

    What was the point of the last four posts? Theres you sitting calling me childish!

    You have a serious problem you know that, the post that I was referring to at ‘May 2, 2005 06:32 PM’ thankfully seems to been taken off. Did I make any slight comment about brownlee.. NO! Its just strange the way you have continually decided to hide your identity

    No party left for us what about the 1** cllrs we will have? What about the 24 MLA’s?

  • A.U.

    Knock it off. This is getting very tiresome.

  • Fermanagh Young Unionist

    Couldnt agree more A.U