Whither post election Sinn Fein?

Brian Feeney cuts free of his columnist persona to give an acute reading of the context in which the Sinn Fein leadership has determined its long term strategy. He notes the historical precident for Adams speech in de Valera’s call for the then Sinn Fein to pursue other means to “safeguard the nation’s right”.

Given all the recnet controversy what, he asks, is the project:

Quite simply to have ministers in a devolved administration in the North and in a coalition government in Dublin. It is crystal clear that cannot happen as long as the IRA exists as a private army. Unionists will not talk to Sinn Fein so there can be no northern administration. No Dublin-based party will go into coalition with Sinn Fein. In short, the IRA has become a liability for republicans. Gerry Adams was speaking the truth when he said this is a defining moment. It’s now or never for his generation of republicans.