The A.H. continues for Sinn Féin?

Jim Cusack in the Sunday Independent claims SF man chief suspect in killing. The murder of another man in a Pub in Dublin could do great damage to both SF and the IRA if, as claimed, it is linked to the IRA taking protection money from drug dealers.

some paragraphs from the beginning and end of the article:

“THE chief suspect in the murder of a man in a Dublin pub last Sunday night is a well-known IRA man who doubles as a Sinn Fein election activist and has worked for TD Aengus O Snodaigh.

Seven of O Snodaigh’s other election workers were jailed for IRA membership last November and December after gardai thwarted an attempted lorry hijacking and uncovered an IRA spying ring aimed at Dail members.”


“Mr Curran had previously spoken out about the fact that local IRA figures were involved in taking “protection” money from well-known drug dealers in the south inner city. In return for these payments the IRA allow the dealers to continue with their evil business.

Unlike the murder of Robert McCartney by the IRA in Belfast, a number of witnesses have come forward.”

Of course it has to be remembered that this is from the Sunday Independent and by Jim Cusack!

  • crat

    Several other articles say he was expelled from the IRA many years ago (1997), is a dissident, backed a candidate against SF and the witnesses are ‘republicans’.



  • Henry94

    Goeorge Orweell said that just because something is in The Daily Telegraph doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    We need to update that for the Sindo. If it’s only in the Sindo, it’s not true.

  • Henry94

    That’s George Orwell after taking an E.

  • willis

    erm… It took a minute to work out that A.H. was a distortion of annus mirabilis. Was this expression really coined by the Queen?

  • Comrade Stalin

    This story isn’t too hard to believe considering that the IRA allegedly stood down a unit in Dublin not very long ago. The fact that they had been stood down wouldn’t make them any less menacing to the general public.

  • The Devil

    Henry 94,

    What you really want to say is….. if it’s an article which could embarrass Sinn Fein it is untrue, it’s called blinkered vision.

    Your attitude is not surprising after all it is Grand National weekend but unlike you the horses in that race get to take their blinkers off when they get home.

    Yours seem to be somewhat permanent….

  • Davros

    Be nice Mr Devil. Henry is in a difficult position after his very public wavering …..

  • Henry94


    What you really want to say is….. if it’s an article which could embarrass Sinn Fein it is untrue

    Nope. The Sindo has a huge credibility problem as a newspaper and I and others have mentioned it on many occasions. They can’t be trusted on the facts.


    How could I be in a difficult position? With who?

    Nope. The Sindo has a huge credibility problem as a newspaper and I and others have mentioned it on many occasions. They can’t be trusted on the facts.


    How could I be in a difficult position? With who?

  • Davros

    C’mon Henry- you wavered. A definite wobble. That’s to your credit.

  • Henry94


    What am I supposed to have wavered from and who is it going to put me in a difficult position with?

    I’m not under any party whip. I can say whatever I like whenever I like subject to the house rules.

  • franc

    The Sunday Business Post discribes the alleged assailant as a ‘dissident’ Republican

  • aquifer

    When you ask can it get worse for SFPIRA the answer is always yes these days. Therefore it must be true.

  • Levitas

    The flagship newspaper of the Independent Group in Ireland is the Sunday Independent. It carried
    As for the credibility of the Sunday Independent…well who can forget that the Sindo carried news of a journalist from their own group, Martin O’Hagan, as its front-page Martin O’Hagan 1950-2001, Murder is Murder is Murder.

    There was another victim of murder in the piece, the basic tenets of journalism.

    The piece opened “Sinn Féin is clearly feeling the pressure”. The rest of the piece was about Sinn Fein and the IRA, a Sunday Independent opinion poll, and Osama Bin Ladin. Martin O’Hagan’s name made it into the 469-word piece after 462 words in the last paragraph (alongside his “Widow and children,” who were wheeled in to endorse Jody Corcoran’s sentiments). There was no mention of the people who pulled the trigger on Martin O’Hagan.

    Martin O’Hagan was an afterthought.

    Corcoran used the still warm body of a dead colleague to pursue the Sunday Independent’s crusade against Sinn Féin.

    This piece might make people wonder if this was a new low. There have been many lows in a newspaper which vilified John Hume for meeting Gerry Adams, Mary Robinson for shaking Gerry Adams’ hand, Michael D Higgins for ending broadcasting censorship and which is being accused by a previous crime correspondent of bullying and harassment.
    A more interesting question might be: how is it that this newspaper has become so divorced from reality, from ordinary human decency, from an even passing reference to the facts of the story?

    Martin O’Hagan was not the first Independent Group journalist to be shot. Veronica Guerin was The Sunday Independent’s crime correspondent, shot in the course of reporting activities of major crime figures in Dublin. Like O’Hagan, she was shot by the people she reported on. The similarity does not end there. Guerin stood out in the Independent because she got close to the story and she believed in using facts to back it up. She did not rely on handouts from the establishment and their servants. O’Hagan was like that. The majority of journalists in the Sunday Independent are not. They write stories that reflect the editorial line decided on those who own and control the paper. Many of them believe in the ideas they promote, Anne Harris, Eoghan Harris, Alan Ruddock, Eilish O’Hanlon, Professor Ronan Fanning and Conor Cruise O’Brien.

    It’s just that facts to back up what they write are few and far between.

  • aquifer

    Thanks crat 12.05pm et al for estimates of the discount factor to apply to Jim Cusack’s reporting. So far it seems that the man accused of murder had past links to SFPIRA and that the SINDO has a distinct editorial line and analysis hostile to the PRM. We have clues to the character of a few of those at the margins of militant republicanism, and are in eternal debt to the professionalism of some journalists on the ground.

  • Ringo

    Levitas –

    Many of them believe in the ideas they promote

    I’m not a Sindo reader but I’m pretty sure Eoghan Harris and Conor Cruise O’Brien are Opinion column writers, not investigative journalists. Isn’t promoting their own ideas exactly what they’re paid to do?

    Sunday newspapers the world over are laden down with opinion and feature writers – just the nature of the market.