Slugger on Radio Ulster?

I’ll be on the Seven Days programme on Radio Ulster in a few hours as part of its weekly round table look ahead at the election. Unfortunately the programme is not available on playback, but you can catch it live on the internet here between one o’clock to two today.

  • Gonzo

    Seven Days is live on Radio Ulster now.

  • Davros

    and is very enjoyable.

  • Chris Gaskin

    Mick is speaking well, if only Gordon would stop talking.

  • David

    How many election statistics has Gordon Lucy memorised???

  • fair_deal

    When it comes to election results Gordon Lucy is the guru. You could mention a 1913 by-election and he’d tell you the result.

  • crat

    Mick stumbled over a few of his years, was it Mark that helped him out? Langhammer mentioned he was leaving ‘local’ politics, is he staying involved on another level? He seems to have been quiet of late after a period of commendable bravery.

  • MIck

    Crat, it was Gordon. The South Dorset byelection of ’61 – I’d always associated with the Lbaour landslide of ’66. He has a commendibly comprehensive memory as far as election data is concerned.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Don’t quote me on this crat, but I think I read somewhere (probably another thread here) that Langhammer is leaving Newtownabbey council to concentrate on his role within the Labour Movement of Ireland (or whatever they’re called).

  • Chris Gaskin

    I have him coming into queens this month for a debate.