"little or no chance of a deal"

The Observer’s Henry McDonald follows up on his initial thoughts on Adams’ speech.. and sees a scam coming. In a similar vein to Ed Moloney, he predicts only a ‘paper divorce’ of the IRA from Sinn Féin because, as he puts it, “to ask the Sinn Fein leadership to divorce from the leadership of the IRA is tantamount to asking Sinn Fein to adopt a series of split personalities” and he references an article by Jim Gibney in the Irish News (thoughtfully transcribed at the time by Newshound), “Political demands and ultimatums, irrespective of who makes them, will not secure the IRA’s premature departure.”

  • Davros

    “Given that decommissioning no longer has any currency with unionists (spent once the IRA robbed the Northern Bank), the only key to unlock the impasse is IRA disbandment. Because that scenario looks unlikely, there is little or no chance of a deal in the north after the general election. Post 5 May we will be entering a dangerous and uncertain period of recrimination and possible Balkanisation.”

    I fear he’s right.

    Especially if Liam Clarke is correct when he claims in DUP to reject power sharing

    “THE Democratic Unionist party’s election manifesto will rule out a mandatory power-sharing arrangement with Sinn Fein, as required under the Good Friday agreement.”

  • Chris Gaskin

    In rolls Joint-Authority

  • Davros

    How would SF regard Joint authority ?
    In some ways I assume you would be keen ?
    Then again, expanding Michael McDowell’s powers can hardly appeal ?

  • Chris Gaskin

    I can’t comment on the party 😉

    The party supports the GFA

    I however would be very keen on it.

    You presume that vile McDowell will still be there after the next election, in my opinion he won’t

  • WindsorRocker

    SF would balk at Joint Authority. Don’t forget their objective by supporting devolution has been to reach a position where they can say to their activists that Britain is no longer in power in Ireland. That’s why they get so pissed off at suspension because a Secretary of State initiates it over the heads of “Irishmen”. That’s why they want security powers devolved because that is the only real powers that Westminster would still hold if an Assembly got up and running tomorrow. With Joint Authority, one half of the equation of governance in NI would still be the “Brits”. And, finally that’s why this limbo position of Direct Rule annoys them because it is British Direct Rule.

  • Chris Gaskin

    Don’t kid yourself WR

    There has been defacto Direct Rule for the last couple of years, all this would do is formalise it.

  • Chris Gaskin

    should read Defacto Joint-Authority, sorry

  • Comrade Stalin

    Joint authority would be exceedingly interesting if SF managed to get into a coalition government in the South. I imagine that their coalition partners would be likely to give SF significant input into that aspect of foreign office policy in exchange for other critical support effecting other parts of the State.

  • Levitas

    Reading Henry McDonalds pieces its strikes me, what a miserable negative little whiner he is, does he ver have anything positive to say? This is made even clearer when you read his latest “book” “Colours-Ireland from Bombs to Boom” which forces the reader to wade through his sentimental blathering about his support for Cliftonville, his trips to the GDR when he was some sort of lefty (youth wing of the Communist Party of Ireland (I ask you?) , how he became a class of a “stick’ but not ever really clear if he was ever in it or not, and how he is now a cynical old fart, who writes books designed to be read by his Brit readers-full of the usual endearing old Brit media steretypes about both Northern Irelands unionist and nationalist community’s…..if you read this book you would’nt take so seriously his journalism from then on….its execrable tosh from beginning to end.

  • Davros

    Apart from some honesty it sounds remarkably like something Comrade Gerry would rustle up from his dacha 😉

  • IJP

    should read Defacto Joint-Authority, sorry

    Ah, that suddenly makes sense. Is that not what we already have?

    The basic problem for many of the parties is that a lot of people in NI, frankly, are quite happy with it.

  • Chris Gaskin

    Thats what I was trying to say IJP