UUP Councillors back DUP candidate

Two Belfast Ulster Unionist Councillors have given their support to the DUP candidate, ex-RUC man Jimmy Spratt, as the only person that can unite Unionists in South Belfast.

  • The Devil

    Perhaps the Shinners should stand thier ex RUC man against the DUP ex RUC man then we could all stand back and wonder at the madness of it all

  • Alan2

    Nah. Alliance are already standing their ex-RUC man against the Sinn Fein ex-RUC man. Everyone`s got one these days. LOL. Pretty wide range of opinions these peelers.

  • Rethinking Uniuonism

    Rather predictable from a duo who have recently been DUP “in pectore” in any event. Jimmy who?

  • Alan2
  • Traditional Unionist

    Two retiring Cllrs jumping ship? No, much better to leave them in there for the press opportunity a year down the line!

    Very clever.

  • Jacko

    The Clarkes are strange people, believe me. I wouldn’t want them on my side.

  • MakeItADouble

    This isn’t really a news story at all, a news story would be that those two renegades were going to support Michael McGimpsey! As for Jimmy “make it a double” Spratt, I hope he has bought plenty of hip flasks to hide at the next DryUP conference!

  • aquifer

    When Michael prince of darkness McGimpsey becomes UU leader he will disembowell these plump little traitors, as Michael of the night Howard did for talkative Mr Flight. I think I hear MickMcG grinding his blade already.

  • Alan2

    Listen to the squeals. You sound like stuck pigs. Which is quite an unpleasant image in my head but that is the way you are coming across IMHO. So basically that`s Arlene Foster (ex-UUP) and two UUP Councillors (and former High Sherriffs) and an ex RUC man who are “strange people”. Wait. Weren`t three of those in the UUP at one point? It just looks absolutely ridiculous when the UUP start ridiculing people who were former members of their own party and atributing “deals” to other parties when the “deals” had already been agreed long ago. Smells of B.Liar spin and double speak.

  • PS

    In fairness the DUP has previous form as far as waiting untill the eve of elections before making public embarassing news about the UUP is concerned. In QUB the Ulster Unionist Association which was n anti-agreement UU faction had merged in effect with the DUP for a long time before the official announcement was made just befoe Jim Allister’s election in order to secure maximum publicity for the DUP and maximum embarrasment for the UUP. Let’s be honest its just smart electioneering.

  • Henry94

    Rethinking Uniuonism

    Nice use of “in pectore”.

  • Chris Gaskin


    Considering the calibre of some of the UUP members from QUB who jumped ship you have to ask yourself, who was more embarrassed? 😉

  • Gonzo

    Spotted on a message board recently:

    In Hibernia, semper sumus in faecibus. Solum profunditas variat!

    Beat that. From a Latin exam paper. No, really…

  • Chris Gaskin

    I wonder will this announcement have any effect on the chances of our own erstwhile Stalford picking up a seat in Laganbank?

  • Karl Rove

    Two of our sitting cllrs can’t bring themselves to back our parliamentary candidate, and people bother to go to all the effort of typing out on a blog’s comment box that . . . it’s not even marginally bad thing for the party. I can only assume that either they’re a.) not UUP members or voters, and/or b.) they’re fools (well, at least in the political sense). This has to be, and of course is BAD news for the UUP in South Belfast. Read what they said: McGimpsey can’t, and doesn’t, unite even merely Ulster Unionists in South Belfast, let alone all Unionists. SDLP gain.

  • Traditional Unionist

    And Spratt would unite? Don’t be neive.

  • amarillo

    The Clarkes have been councillors for about 16 years and senior figures in the local Association so of course their endorsement of spratt is a big blow to McGimpsey. Margaret Clarke has also been Martin Smyth’s agent through all his elections so her stance gives some indication of what way traditional Smyth supporters will go.

    The DUP were only 1900 behind the UUP in 2003, beat them in the Euro elections and with a generation of Ulster Unionist standing down (Smyth, the Clarkes, M Crooks)the unionist vote is more fluid now than ever in South Belfast. All the conditions needed for Spratt to win.

  • Karl Rove

    I’ll do my best to avoid being ‘neive’ – for instance, I’m aware that simply because people call themselves ‘traditional Unionists’ it doesn’t make them so. Take your point about Spratt not uniting Unionists in South Belfast – doubtless he doesn’t, but the thing is Michael McGimpsey doesn’t even unite members of his own party. Are we expecting many DUP cllrs to come over and endorse our man? I fear not.

  • Tiny

    just another DUP stunt, next thing we will have ex-UUP member Jim Kirkpatrick pop up, as for the value of those that left the UUP, the notorious DUP concert in Drumbo at which the ill Pope was allegedly mocked was organised by an ex-UUP Drumbo Branch Chairman. It could be said he is more of a asset to the UUP where he is than where he was!

  • Traditional Unionist

    We’ll never know if Spratt unites South Belfast DUP seeing as they had no choice over their candidate.

  • Tiny

    Was Ruth Patterson asked to run or was she blocked as rumoured?

  • Chris Gaskin

    Seeing as a member of queens DUA described Patterson as a “loose cannon” I would imagine she was not going to get the go ahead to run.

  • Karl Rove

    And the Gimp was cleanly selected? Pull the other one, it’s got family members/employees/paid for members/ineligible but waved through delegates/etc etc on it.

    My point isn’t about the DUP. You really will have to stop obsessing about them. My point is about us, the UUP. We had to act like grown-ups. To face up to the fact that we can’t simply any more – thanks to the disastrous leadership of Trimble – have ‘traditional’ seats like South Belfast, or F&ST, on demand any more. Otherwise (and do try and understand this crushingly simply point), we’d simply reach out and take them.

    So to repeat that: we have to cut our cloth, because we can’t simply have what we want when we want it. If we could, we’d do just that, without reference to what other parties did. It’s precisely because we are now so enfeebled, thanks to Trimble (our leader, remember, the fellow who has to take responsibility for the bad as well as the good), that we no longer can.

    And sure, let’s have a go at DUP sectarianism. The only problem with that is our candidate: Michael ‘Whitehall Sq’ McGimpsey. But perhaps, secretly, some of his best friends are Catholics? Certainly he doesn’t seem to have too many from among the other lot …….

  • Stranny Granny

    What’s really annoying the Ofiicial Unionist commentators on this site is that the DUP has selected a candidate who will challenge their stranglehold over the all-important BT9 part of the constituency.

    Spratt will appeal much further than the Dark Lord ever could – DUP gain.

  • Alan2

    More squeals….slightly more muted.
    Like I said..the UUP ridiculing former members who they once pushed for election is hardly confidence inspiring.

  • peter

    This infighting in Unionism is not good. The last election was a disgrace in that Fermanagh was lost because the DUP made Dixon stand.

    Fermanagh and S.Belfast will be tight. If either is lost to the Nationalists then Unionism will be in a desperate plight. The DUP might well have a good election but these two seats could take the gloss of a victory.

  • Tiny

    The loss of South Belfast to a nationalist will not bother Peter Robinson as much as the loss of the £40K he and his wife get to keep a London residence

  • Alan2

    “the loss of the £40K”

    Are you infering that other MP`s do not get the same or are you just descending into mudslinging?

    The UUP had a choice. They have made their decision so that`s that. Let the Unionist people vote and decide.

  • Meg

    I wouldnt be surprised if a number of UUP people publically back the DUP. Better to be on a winning team and all that!

  • Tiny

    Alan2, MPs are entitled to claim up to £20k in expenses for London accomadation, most do, however since the Robinson’s regularly display a picture of domestic bliss I assume the share a London ‘bolthole’ but does it really cost £40k per year every year?

  • peter

    SF somehow managed to while they were able to,to claim 400k in expenses and they dont even sit in parliament.

    Michele Gildernew claimed 108k alone for doing absolutely nothing.

    So get real on the expense issue.

  • Tiny

    peter, Iris Robinson is regularly in the press berating some governament department or education board for wasting money, so like I said, does it really cost £40k to provide a double bed in London?

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    I think many people are missing the point – if nationalists win the SB or FST seats then it’s exactly what the DUP want! They’re not interested in defending the Union as much as they are in defeating the UUs.

  • The Watchman

    When 2 of your longest serving councillors in a key marginal seat come out against your candidate, don’t you UUP folks realise that something has gone wrong?

    Honestly, some of you Turtle worshippers would put the Iraqi Information Minister to shame.

  • bigwhitedove

    Does anyone care to guess why Mark Robinson, MLA and councillor or Ruth Patterson CLLR were not selected to fight this seat?
    Surely this must be viewed as a vote of no confidence in both of them and why have they been silent?

  • bigwhitedove

    The Watchman,
    Pottinger is in EAST BELFAST which is not marginal!! LOL

  • WindsorRocker

    Here we have two UUP councillors who were stalwarts in the campaigns of the previous MP coming out in favour of Jim Spratt. They know they will get expelled from the UUP but their despair at seeing the UUP in South Belfast being represented by McGimpsey is clear for all to see.

    Jim Spratt will have the support of the entire South Belfast DUP Association and all shades of opinion will get behind his campaign. Will all of the UUP South Belfast Association be working for McGimpsey…. I doubt it. Heck, he couldn’t even get a clear majority to support him against all of the other potential candidates in a selection meeting.

    For Michael, this is a crucial election. Ever since he decided to set up political home in South Belfast in the 1990’s, every bit of his activity has been geared to this moment.. the chance to get his backside onto the green benches. He failed narrowly to get selected last time and that only happened because the attempt of him and friends to change the voting system was blocked on a technicality. His solo act during the 1998 Assembly Elections and the widespread secretive recruitment in sympathetic branches in the area are also indicative of his total desire to have the letters MP after his name.

    The Unionist electorate will be given a choice in South Belfast, let them decide who is best placed to represent Unionism. Based on the sampled voting tallies taken in the Euro Election this is no McGimpsey shoe in, in fact it will down to the wire.

  • Ballymacarn

    I trust the Clarke’s will now be expelled from the party?

    It is of note however that the UUP have a very strong line up of candidates in both Pottinger and Laganbank where the Clarkes previously stood. Indeed considerably more talented.

    The Clarkes won’t be much of a loss to the UUP in my humble opinion.

    As for Spratt making inroads in the BT9 area, don’t make me laugh, McGimpsey and McDonnell will both poll strongly here. The people of BT9 will not vote for a paisleyite.

    McGimpsey to hold for the UUP.

  • Paul P

    Is there a chance that Martin Smyth will publicly endorse Jimmy Spratt?

  • Tiny

    What can Spratt offer the voters, he is like the majority of long serving police officers, condemmed the ‘patton report’ but jumped at the ‘patton money’, as for his service to the police federation, the nickname “make it a double jimmey” says it all, though presumbly its orange squash all the time now!

  • Visioner

    If SB is lost to a nationalist the unionist parties have only themselves to blame.

    Infighting will only see the Unionist vote fall and nationalist vote rise.

    They are only interested in themselves and the damage they do to each other.

    Spratt will do the most damage to the Unionist vote. McGimpsey will poll better as he is known on the ground with having worked on it. Its FST 2001 all over again – guys how about getting ur acts together!?

  • Rethinking Unionism

    Spratt has no contituency profile on the ground and is a virtual unknown. Recognition still matters.McGimpsey will comfortably win the unionist vote with McDonnell a close second.

  • Ted


    You’re surely not suggesting that there should be some sort of quid pro quo in SB/FST between the parties! That’s DUP thinking, so couldn’t ever be countenanced by Trimble & Cooper.


    “I think many people are missing the point – if nationalists win the SB or FST seats then it’s exactly what the DUP want! They’re not interested in defending the Union as much as they are in defeating the UUs.”

    Beano, for what it’s worth (not an awful lot I am willing to accept) this is the single most ill conceived post of yours I’ve ever read. It exemplifies the totally self-obsessed, paranoid atmosphere which pervades the UUP.

    As posted ad nausem on this and other threads the two parties must face up to the fact that neither can win either (SB or FST) without the full support of the other.

    The UU have by their own free will made life especially difficult for themselves in selecting such a divisive candidate in SB, and Visioner is right when he identifies the seat as a potential repeat of FST 2001.

    I suppose that’s the benefit of 100 years of history; you can repeat with perfect accuracy the mistakes of the past.

    It’s a big shit sandwich guys, but at least the UUP have the first bite!

    (I do hope this profanity has not put anyone off their Fish & Chips!)

  • fair_deal


    “the DUP made Dixon stand”

    You really do not know Jim if you think anyone can make him do anything he doesn’t want to.

  • aquifer

    Unionists, simply not British at all

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    I don’t think it’s that ill-conceived.

    The DUP would prefer a seat went to SF than the UUP because they can then turn round next election and say “See, we told you you had to vote for us to keep Sinn Fein out”.

  • Traditional Unionist

    The DUP would prefer a seat went to SF than the UUP because they can then turn round next election and say “See, we told you you had to vote for us to keep Sinn Fein out”.

    Leadership thats working beano!

  • Ted


    As I’m sure you are aware, I am relatively new to the site. My preconceptions of you from what I’ve gleaned over the last while are that you are:

    1) Traditionally a UUP voter;

    2) Conceive the DUP as a party (and by association anyone who might vote for them) as bible-bashing, teetotal, Catholic-hating, extremist morons;

    3) Based in the Greater Belfast area.

    As I read the situation (and I’m here in FST – facing an election on the 24th anniversary of Bobby Sands death – wishing it was longer) UUP egos are a greater obstacle to Unionist success than the unrelenting advance of the DUP. Why would you have any problem with going 1 for 1 in SB & FST? Last time I looked only one of those seats was held by a Unionist. And neither was held by anyone linked to the Trimble-Cooper leadership.

    I’ve read tomes about the centre ground disappearing to the extremes. That is ‘simply shit’ (copyright UUP 2003) The fact is the former ‘broad-church’ has been revised to ‘big house’ under the current administration, and the message to any of the plebs (like me) who were opposed to the GFA, was get out, there’s no place for the likes of you here! I did not realign; rather, Cooper and Co redrew the border, with the backing of a fanatical, sycophantic, largely geriatric following.

    And there the UUP sits, painted into a corner and blaming everyone who has left the party for its demise!

    I once listened to a half-cut James Cooper tell me “Well, at least when a United Ireland comes, some of us will be more able to deal with it than others!”

    In vino veritas!

    Any you wonder why so many people have no faith in the UUP ………………. It’s the leadership, stupid! 😉

  • Indeed


    Agree 100% with your last post, sums up the UUP attitude perfectly.

  • Alan2

    The UUP have their position and the DUP also have theirs. The UUP are not willing to stand in one seat and let the DUP stand in the other so let the voters decide. That my UUP friends is how democracy works. There are several natural “Nationalist” seats which are only Unionist because of the SDLP / SF split. Similarly there maybe for a time some Nationalists who win a seat due to a UUP / DUP split but in the end democracy will work itself out. Let the voters decide and may the DUP win..sorry may the best man (or woman) win 😉

  • Visioner


    You’re surely not suggesting that there should be some sort of quid pro quo in SB/FST between the parties! That’s DUP thinking, so couldn’t ever be countenanced by Trimble & Cooper.”


    There should be a Unionist pact in the Constituencies where Unionism is not likely to win, if TWO stand. The problem is neither party is willing to swallow their ‘unionist pride’ and do something.

    Why don’t the parties setup a pact to cover all of these ‘see-saw’ constituencies? Foyle, Mid-Ulster, West Tyrone and not SB and FST alone?

    Better trying something, than nothing at all.

    Its about time some unionists got out of their boxes and woke up to reality.

    Unionism is killing itself and the parties don’t realise this as they are far too worried about how much income and political power they are getting. I would particularly blame the DUP for being such self-centred pricks, while the UUP is not perfect either.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    1) Traditionally a UUP voter;

    If I remember right, I’ve only voted in one election (EU last year) – possibly the assembly before that but not sure. But yes, I make no secret my sympathies have recently lain with the UUs.

    2) Conceive the DUP as a party (and by association anyone who might vote for them) as bible-bashing, teetotal, Catholic-hating, extremist morons;

    Yes – as far as the party is concerned anyway, I’d hope to god there weren’t that many biblebashing teetotalers in NI – although I wouldn’t be that surprised by the catholic-hating extremist morons bit.

    3) Based in the Greater Belfast area.

    Guilty, although I’m sure I’ve pointed this out on one or two occasions.

    Anyway, I realise the UUP leadership aren’t perfect or we wouldn’t be in this mess. However it seems infinitely preferable to the DUP leadership which seems unable to change the record from the “No, Never” one of 20 years ago. For the record, I wasn’t a fan of the GFA when it was signed either (but I was just under voting age at the time) and to be honest now I’m fairly neutral on it – but I like the more conciliatory stance taken by the UUs to the reactionary, instinctive and simplistic line often taken by the DUP.

    As for this story itself, I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2 councillors in question had planned to jump ship, only to realise they could help the DUP better by remaining in the party and pulling off a stunt like this. Jeffrey Donaldson said in Talkback this week that there’d be a few surprises in the coming days, talking of people switching sides and I presume from that that he already knew this was coming.

  • fair_deal

    More bad news for Michael McGimpsey, a refusal to endorse containing criticism from Rev Martin Smyth.

    From the Sunday Times

    “In another potential blow to the UUP in a key constituency Rev Martin Smyth, their retiring MP in South Belfast, has refused to endorse his party’s candidate, Michael McGimpsey. On Friday evening two UUP councillors, the husband-and-wife team Jim and Margaret Clarke, issued a statement through the DUP press office saying that they were backing James Spratt instead of McGimpsey.

    Smyth said: “I am endorsing nobody because over the years I have worked with people and I was never altogether happy with some of them. Michael very often did his own thing.”

    Asked if he would vote for McGimpsey, Smyth replied: “What a person does in the ballot box is for his or her conscience. I am telling nobody how I will vote, not even my wife, and I won’t be telling her how to vote either.”

  • yerman

    Oh dear, oh dear,

    2 UUP Councillors openly back the DUP candidate and Martin Smyth clearly refuses to back the Dark Prince.

    I can just hear old McGimpskey slamming his coffin lid in frustration!

    The Clarkes mighn’t be the biggest political heavyweights in the world, but these things have a habit of creating a mood. When the votes are counted in Strangford and South Belfast its going to be a very dark day in the McGimpskey household – but then I suppose it always is, and garlic-free no doubt too!

  • Tim Roll-Pickering


    Why don’t the parties setup a pact to cover all of these ‘see-saw’ constituencies? Foyle, Mid-Ulster, West Tyrone and not SB and FST alone?

    What ghost of a chance does any Unionist have in Mid-Ulster or West Tyrone now? There were single candidates there last time and they still came second.

    And as for Foyle, the Durkan and McLaughlin could poll exactly equal numbers of votes and still both would lead a single Unionist candidate.

    By all means work these seats into pacts as a way of enhancing the total unionist vote, but when it comes to negotiations over seats like South Belfast and F&ST the ones you cite are not a hard currency.

  • Rethinking Uniuonism

    Sorry Watchman…its also a matter of principle. The DUP have lived up well to their image as a narrowly based sectarian party who have not had an original thought that has had the remotest chance of flying since thir inception. They are normally playing catch up with the UUP as illustrated perfectly by their effective signing up to an Agreement they promised to smash.How can any one who cares for this place choose to elect a party that have about as much influence in the corridors of power as Screaming Lord Sutch.

  • davidbrew

    .. as opposed to the huge influence wielded by David Trimble , you mean, rethinker?

    Fact is, whether you like it or nor Unionism is about to pass the baton to the DUP, which may or may not be up to the challenge, but at least has some enthusiasm for it, unlike the tired old UUP which really needs putting down. The basic prerequisite for influence is the ability to deliver your community, which a srong mandate for the DUP will give them. Trimble can’t even deliver his parliamentary party. For eight years noone has known who would control the Unionist party, so no serious dealing could be done. That era is breathing its last, coughing up phlegm like Michael mcGimpsey as it expires.

    Molyneaux and Smyth fought to position the UUP as a centre-right led coalition of interests. They now see the DUP in that role- hence their endorsement of Spratt and Donaldson, candidates from that part of Unionism . This week’s big UUP coup?- Octogenarian ex Irish league secretary Harry Wallace running for council in East Belfast . Nice enough bloke, but hardly building for the future.

  • fair_deal

    Smyth and Molyneaux have this morning both endorsed SPRATT. Nice big photograph on the back of the DUP south belfast leaflet.

    I bet a few people were choking on their frosties this morning.

  • Nepotist

    Harry Wallace, along with Sonia Copeland, wife of the oily-skinned Michael – next time you hear an Ulster Unionist gurning about nepotism in the DUP remind them of the following statistics.

    3 McGimpsey’s
    2 Copelands
    2 Dunns
    2 Dunlops (shafted Irene Cree in the process)
    2 Beggs
    2 Trimbles (bad luck Daphne)

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Saw that on Newsline this morning. Bit gutted really, to be honest I don’t know enough political history to know what M McG might have done so badly wrong. The only person I know who’s actually had any dealings with him though, seems to think he’s ok.

    People are very quick to sign the death certificate of the UUP; is it not possible that even if they are defeated here, they could realise they need to completely revamp themselves with fresh ideas.. you know, like instead focusing exclusively on of flag waving come election time, put forward ideas on how to cope with the huge problem of household waste, or organised gangs (just 2 off the top of my head). Basically making Northern Ireland ‘work’ again. Call me an optimist if you like…

  • Ted

    OK Beano – You’re an optimist!:-) And thanks for the reply.

    For the record, I look forward to the day when the UUP has sufficiently reinvented itself to permit centre right Unionists and other such ‘traditional’ UUP voters to consider re-joining. (But we’re all extremists now ;-)).

    That is going to mean a root and branch restructuring, which I can’t foresee.To borrow a phrase from davidbrew’s post, it may be kinder to have it put down.I hope Sylvia gets the Airedale’s out in time!

    BTW Tom Elliott’s campaign slogan is “Only Elliott can win”.

    I preferred the second option “A man out standing in his field” myself.

  • Tony the Tiger

    “Smyth and Molyneaux have this morning both endorsed SPRATT. Nice big photograph on the back of the DUP south belfast leaflet.

    I bet a few people were choking on their frosties this morning.”

    Smyth & Molyneaux – “They’re grrrreat!”

  • Indeed

    Great news this morning! You ever get the feeling this election race is just going to be a succesion of blows to Northern Irelands third biggest party.
    Can’t wait to hear what UUP bloggers on here make of this….

  • meg

    The fact that Lord Jim and Rev Smyth are both endorsing the DUP shows who they believe stand for traditional unionist values! Big coup for the DUP really.

  • Barney

    No doubt UUP commentators will attempt to dismiss this as an irrelevance – however, you cant pass this off as good news for the UUP.

    Martin Smyth openly not backing McGimpsey and his backing of Spratt (even if it is tacit backing, it certainly is a fairly clear endorsement) isnt going to do Jimmy Spratt any harm.

    Also, Ulster Unionists a week or so when asked if Martin Smyth would be backing McGimpsey were confidently predicting that he would. I really hope that UUP supporters on here dont try to pass this off as either:
    a)an irrelevance
    b)a good day for the UUP.

    At least dont insult our intelligence and admit that this isnt a good news story for the UUP. What figures from the wider unionist community is Michael McGimpsey going to have backing him? The DUP can now state, with authority, that they have the backing of the DUP, and at a sizeable section of the UUP and their supporters. South Belfast isnt in real immediate danger of falling to nationalist hands, but the sure way for the unionist community to prevent any chance of that happening is to back the candidate with the widest level of unionist support – the DUP.

  • Tim Roll-Pickering

    Michael McGimpsey – bitterly despised by the DUP, unliked by veteran figures in his own party, openly attacked by Jim Molyneaux…

    If he does win South Belfast he’ll be well and truly qualified to take over the UUP leadership!

  • Stalford


    LOL! Very good!

  • Chris Gaskin


    Who’s seat exactly are you targeting in Laganbank?

  • Stalford

    The second Ulster Unionist one.

  • Chris Gaskin

    How do you rate your chances?

    It must be good now that Clarke has endorsed Spratt.

  • Stalford

    With a good wind, I should be alright – I’m taking nothing for granted.

  • Chris Gaskin

    How would you call FST

  • PS

    As a more or less impartial observer (in that i don’t think Alex can take the seat) this is definitely big news in the fight for the constituency. I was marking this down as a UUP hold with perhaps a scare or two. At this stage its almost impossible to call between Spratt, McGimpsey and McDonnell. I suppose a lot will depend on how well Sinn Féin will poll.

  • Chris Gaskin

    I think the endorsement of Spratt by Smyth will help McDonnell.

    Part of me would love it if Sinn Féin’s participation in the election cost McDonnell the seat.

  • fair_deal

    Looks like the UUP have opted for the ostrich approach

    (Source BBC News NI website)

    But the Ulster Unionst candidate, Michael McGimpsey, hit back at his rivals. “A photograph itself is not an endorsement, despite DUP spin,” he said.

    “The Queen has been pictured with Ian Paisley. This does not mean that the House of Windsor supports the DUP.

  • yerman

    Yes – wonderful insight from Michael McGimpsey “the Queen has been pictured with Ian Paisley, but doesnt back him”.

    But the Queen has never been quoted as saying Ian Paisley would make a good MP! If that is the best statement that McGimpsey can come up with then it shows how desperate he is – must have came as a real bolt from the blue!

  • davidbrew

    McGimpsey 11/05/2005
    Dearly beloved career of Michael, father of Gareth and brother of Chris
    Suddenly, as the result of a back stabbing.
    Deeply regretted by just about nobody.
    The wake will be held on 6th May at a venue to be confirmed, dependant on the quality of champagne it stocks. No flowers- particularly orange lilies.
    Donations in lieu to “The revenge of Martin” fund, Schomberg House Belfast.
    “The ambition thou gavest Lord is ended”