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Slow blogging today, as I try to work on a number of projects that will take place during the election campaign and just after. If all goes well, I’ll be guesting on Radio Ulster’s Seven Days round table on Sunday chewing the fat over the coming election on both sides of the water! Meanwhile, if you want to see some original Slugger reporting in the last week or so of the campaign – please, please put some pennies in old Slugger’s hat!

  • Mick

    Another £20 hits the pot! Big donations are very welcome, but small pots of money from lots of different people on all sides of the political argument help underwrite the site’s independence.

    All of the money, be it in cheques or our paypal account, will be held until we have enough. Then we can book the flights. If we overshoot the target, we’ll hit the ground earlier. It will help us break free of Belfast and bring you constituency reports from seats like Foyle, Upper Bann, Fermanagh South Tyrone and West Tyrone.

    All the time I’m on the ground, our expanded team of bloggers will continue to bring you the best reporting on the web.

  • Mick

    And that’s another forty! Just twenty more, and the cartoon Mick will be begin his change!