Paisley calls Adams speech an insult

Ian Paisley has certainly laid his cards on the table, calling Gerry Adams’ speech an “insult to democrats”, adding that no one will be taken in. “I don’t think there is any hope for Sinn Fein and the IRA,” he said.
“There must be complete and total abandonment of IRA/Sinn Fein and that’s not going to happen. The DUP won’t be back at any negotiating table. He (Adams) has put himself outside of the arena. It is all over. There is no place in any democracy and no place for IRA/Sinn Fein.”

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  1. No place for IRA/Sinn Fein but just plain old Sinn Fein well that’s a different matter entirely. Isn’t it, Rev. First Minister?

  2. “There must be complete and total abandonment of IRA/Sinn Fein and that’s not going to happen.”

    Can anyone actually interpret what the good Dr. means by this. As he always claimed that SF were the IRA anyway is he now actually saying that SF must disappear. Is he actually still right in the head.
    Of course the good Dr is known for his bluster, and electioneering was always his soft spot so maybe we should all swallow a packet of salt and wait for the negotiations in autumn.

  3. Another surprise announcement from the rockin’ Rev. I long for the day when a politician in this country will do something truly shocking.

  4. Typed Paisley’s words out from the Irish Times, page 7. These are the only quotes the small article cited.

  5. These are the words of a very shaken up politician who knows that his bluff has been called, if as it seems he is now calling for the disbandment of Sinn Fein this merely confirms that the DUP not only reject Sinn Fein’s politics they also are calling for the right to choose which nationalist party the people vote for.

    The DUP’s chosen nationalist party is clearly not Sinn Fein..:) so I guess it must be the SDLP, says a lot for the estimation of the political mettle that Paisley and Co have for Durcan and his crew……

    a bit like

    “who would you like to play in the FA Cup Final Sir Alex, Chelsea or Torquay Utd…..och we’ll have Torquay nice little town deserve their day at Wembley etc etc”….

    Paisley’s ravings suggest Gerry’s really getting to the Unionists…..its getting better by the hour!

  6. Well Done Doc another well thought out, reasoned statement on the future.

    Oh dear God why do people vote for this fool!!??

  7. The Rev is just reflecting general prod opinion -better no local assembly than the bunch of scumbags that roosted at Stormont in the last fiasco.

    The Rev is much more a reflector and much less of a instigator of prod grass roots than most realise –he has sniffed the wind and realised that the best thing to do is– er– nothing. He and his party have unassailable advantages on their side – He is not David Trimble and his party are not the OUP he cannopt lose

  8. These are the words of a very shaken up politician who knows that his bluff has been called

    Wrong thread a chara, here

  9. Great comedy value.
    My only sadness is I think he will be kept well under wraps for the majority of the campaign in an attempt to suppress any of his usual crackers.I suppose we can always keep an ear out for junior.

  10. Few choice quotes:

    Catholic homes caught fire because they were loaded with petrol bombs; Catholic churches were attacked and burned because they were arsenals and priests handed out sub-machine guns to parishioners; and the massive discrimination in employment and shortage of houses for Catholics were simply because they breed like “rabbits” and multiply like “vermin”.

    In 1968, in a heated debate with the fierce Republican Bernadette Devlin, he responded to her accusations of his unfair assumptions by saying he, “would rather be British than be fair.”

    During a visit from the Pope, Ian Paisley
    yelled “I denounce you. Anti-Christ”

    “I will kill all who get in my way”, after a Loyalist rally in 1968.

    He is funny though…

  11. “Calls have been made for a full public inquiry into the role of clergymen in terrorism after The Observer learnt that three more priests were involved with the Provisional IRA at the time of the 1972 Claudy bomb massacre.”,6903,864443,00.html

    “In 1972, Burns disappeared from his parish at St Theresa’s Catholic Church in the Possilpark area of Glasgow. He fled back to Ireland after Strathclyde police raided his home searching for weapons and explosives. He was given sanctuary by fellow priests but later left the priesthood.”

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