Scanning the battlefield…

PRESS Association has two handy crib sheets to the 18 Westminster constituencies. There are plenty of seats about to change hands, so this is definitely worth a read, especially for those unfamiliar with the territory. Your initial predictions are welcome below…

  • mnob

    Right I’ll start. East Antrim – my constituency. Pretty safe prod seat. DUP to take it. I say that as a long term UUP voter who was apalled at the latest ‘simply british’ leaflets and now cant bring himself to vote UUP this time round. To me its a party in disarray with no clear message trying to ape the DUP. Roy Begs has been involved in a number of ‘episodes’ involving dumping, farm labourers cottages and to me is an old style make a noise every 4 years politician.

    Sammy Wilson will be a good contender he’s one of the more sufferable DUP men and one of the more active in the (all too few) assembly days.

    Don’t rule out Sean Neeson though, a former Catholic mayor of a 96% proddy town.

  • Sam Maguire

    Though they’ll probably change before I enter Nicholas Whyte’s predictions comp, I’ll bite the bullet and go first and what the hell I’ll even do the margins of victory

    West Belfast – Gerry Adams by 20000+
    East Belfast – Peter Robinson by 4000
    South Belfast – Michael McGimpsey by 1000
    North Belfast – Nigel Dodds by around 2500
    East Antrim – Sammy Wilson by 4000
    North Antrim – Ian Paisley by 12000
    South Antrim – David Burnside by 500
    North Down – Syliva Hermon by 200
    South Down – Eddie McGrady by 1000
    Fermanagh and South Tyrone – Michelle Gildernew by 750
    Foyle – Mitchel McLaughlin by 250
    Lagan Valley – Jeffrey Donaldson by 15,000+
    East Derry- Gregory Campbell by 5000
    Mid Ulster – Martin McGuinness by 12000
    Newry and Armagh – Conor Murphy by 10000
    Strangford – Iris Robinson by 5000
    West Tyrone – Pat Doherty by 7500
    Upper Bann – David Trimble by 500

  • Robert Sieger

    The only reason Michelle Gildernew has won since 2001 is due to a divided Unionist vote. That may be coming to an end soon, same for Belfast South where the total Unionist vote is larger than that of either nationalist party.

  • PS

    Really Robert?

    You’re the first person to bring up those points on this site.