…and a Carmelite in the other.

To mark the present period of mourning, Danny Morrison adds his own reminiscences of the late Holy Father.

  • Davros

    Fairly blatent opportunism from Danny.

  • tom luby

    what’s danny complaining about – his leaders, the big lad and all, have been supping at the pope’s table and those of all the pope’s establishment friends for years – its about time danny’s provo friends and himself stopped trying to appear as radical when we all know they’ve been up the arse of the likes of clinton and bush for ten years – knoock it off, danny!

  • gdance

    Bishop Cahal Daly’s fingerprints were all over the speech

    Does he mean the Pope’s speech then or Gerry’s similar speech today.

    Pope John Paul II on his knees begged republicans “to turn away from the paths of violence and to return to the ways of peace. You may claim to seek justice,” he told us. “I, too, believe in justice and seek justice… Further violence in Ireland will only drag down to ruin the land you claim to love and the values you claim to cherish.”

    The message on non-violence was also one he brought to his own people in Poland who suffered under a far greater oppression. They won their struggle. How’s yours going Danny boy?

  • Jimmy Sands

    My favourite part is where he attacks the Irish Times as hypocrites for endorsing the Pope’s call to end violence but not similarly urging its female readers to come off the pill.

  • Gonzo

    gdance has a point.

    And so we had discriminating editorials like that in The Irish Times, which called on the IRA to say: “The Pope was right. There is another way”

    Danny obviously didn’t get an advance copy of Adans’ speech today.

  • Napper

    Jimmy, you’re getting some spirited response to Danny’s editorial over on the Debate Central website.

    An interesting and informative forum, that.

  • queens_unionist

    I wonder how regularly DM actually attends mass and whether or not his conduct past and present would be becoming of a devout RC.
    But then again i suppose that is the corrupt nature of the RC church/cult

  • Henry94

    But then again i suppose that is the corrupt nature of the RC church/cult

    I hope the name queens_unionist is an indication of loyalty to the crown and does not mean that the University is failing. That would be worrying.

  • smcgiff

    ‘But then again i suppose that is the corrupt nature of the RC church/cult’

    Ah, what a great world we would live in if everybody got regular sex.

  • queens_unionist

    Oh well i suppose i did ask for those comments!

  • Davros

    I was embarrassed by and for you q-u.

  • smcgiff

    ‘I was embarrassed by and for you q-u.’

    Your empathy knows no bounds, Davros! 😉

  • Snapper

    As a native of West Belfast and someone who knows Danny a little, I felt his article was very poor and extremely disrepectful. The Pope’s achievements far outweighed his failings and quite frankly I am very dissappointed at Danny for speaking ill of the man. I think we have enough enemies to deal with externally.

    As for q-u, some cult – 1.2 billion members!

  • Circles

    Who is this “we” you mention Snapper.
    Seems to me you’re mixing the catholic church up with the community of west Belfast.

    And to say the popes achievements far outweighed his failings is a somewhat generous assessment of a pontificate that tried as hard as possible to reinstitutionalise the patriarchal, hierarchical church of the middle ages (well pre-vatican II).

  • queens_unionist

    but surely any man risen to the political/religious heights of Karol could have achieved so much?

  • Snapper

    Circles –

    I thought my statement was crystal – the community of West Belfast. Danny’s article was clearly written from the perspective of a demonised people.

  • Henry94

    I agree with Snapper. Morrison clearly believes that doctrinal infalibility resides elsewhere but that’s no reason to insult the Pope. And for what? Proposing a Totally UnArmed Strategy too early?

  • Simon

    Oh lordy – what is with you blokes.

    The Uk and ROI take a look at NI sigh and wander off without a care.

    For republicans – If you get in down south and attempt more moves to unite Ireland you may find that you “countries” pockets are not and never will be deep enough.

    For loyalists – please stop acting like a bunch of little hitlers, your Ulster Scots Language is a joke too – its bloomin English in a Glasgow accent for goodness sakes!!

    I have been here for 7 years now and I am sick of the crap I keep hearing – all of you please have you noticed that only you care.