Inquiries Bill to be rushed through…

THE Government is to rush the Cover-up Bill through the House of Commons before dissolution next week, thus rendering the Finucane inquiry pointless. If the Government’s current policy is not to create political victims out of republicans, then this represents a helluva U-turn.

  • aquifer

    And how much of the inner workings of the Provisional Republican Movement and their spying and death squads is ever to be made public?

    The GFA parking meter has expired.

    Move on or expect to be clamped.

  • franc

    I wait to see if we will have blanket coverage of the cover-up by Blair and his government into this murder.Perhaps they will impose financial penalties on themselves???
    I think Mr Blair should contact his legal team and give them a statement.

  • Jimmy Sands

    An impressively symmetrical display of synchronised whataboutery. I despair sometimes. This man was the victim of a particularly squalid murder. There is credible evidence at the very least to suggest involvement by members of the security forces. I yield to no man in my contempt for the provisionals, but the scumminess of that particular organisation is neither here nor there.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Agreed Jimmy. If there was collusion get it out in the open, deal with it, move on.

    Unfortunately there seem to be a lot of “people” for want of a better word, determined to use the issue as justification for other groups carrying out their own atrocities. The fact that they on one hand use collusion as justification for their own murders, and then condemn collusion as “British state murder” speaks volumes about the hypocrisy of people commenting on the campaign.

    The family would probably see a lot less resistance to their calls for an open enquiry if this rabble were to disassociate themselves from the campaign.