A third world Pope might shake Catholicism up

Malachi O’Doherty relecting on the innate contradictions between an evangelised Catholic church in the third world and what he claims is the a la carte Catholicism of Europe.

He concludes with a complex irony:

The entire Catholic world is emotionally involved in the passing of that enthralling man, John Paul II. But in a perhaps ironic reflection of the old injunction to love the sinner and hate the sin, Catholics, in their millions, loved that man and disregarded his teaching. What many of them will be looking for in the next Pope is that same charm and energy; they will hardly get that. They will not be looking forward to a Pope who nurtures the same doctrinal fundamentalism as John Paul did. They did not love him for his teaching. They forgave him his teachings because they loved him as a man.

  • Davros

    Good article Mick.

    Has anybody read “Pope Patrick” by Patrick de Rosa ?

  • Cyrus Alden

    Just finished “Pope Patrick.” I was right up to speed ’til the anti-usury chapter. After that, he went off the deep end. And how about that end-of-the-world scenario? Stanley Kubrick, call your office.
    Events have overtaken it a little. But it’s definitely still worth a read.

  • SeamusG

    I don’t see the admiration of the man with failing to adhere to all his teachings as a new thing. Didn’t Our Lord advise us to turn the other cheek and yet self-proclaimed Christians down through the ages have found that teaching, and many others, impossible to comply with.
    I feel that the Pope and the Church sets the bar, the standard, to which we should aspire towards but, as humans, we will often fall short.
    Secondly, as stated previously, I have a financial stake in the outcome of the Petrine election and am hoping that the Lord simultaneously shines His light on either Cardinal Hummes or Policarpo and on my William Hill online account.