Clinton (Hillary) for 2008?

Slightly off topic but worth repeating because of the nature of the source, Peggy Noonan reckons that Hillary Clinton will really test the resources of the US Republican party to come up with an opponent serious enough to beat her. Is this the Democrat’s 2008 swing to Bush’s 2004 roundabout?

  • Stalford

    Speaking as a conservative, I can think of no-one I would rather see as the Democratic candidate than Hilary Rodham Clinton. She would make the red staes even redder.

    Condi ’08!

    Failing that, Wolfowitz for the White House!

  • Emily

    As much as it would please me to see a woman in the Oval Office…

  • Mick

    Emily, it was partly in rembrance of a conversation we had on your blog during the last election campaign that prompted me to blog it.

  • carlosblancos

    John McCain, Rudy Guliani and Condolezza Rice would all beat Hilary in any race 2008 race for the White House. The Democrats will have to do a lot better than Clinton.

  • Emily

    Hahaha. I believe that’s when I offered to take the Alec Baldwin Challenge™ and expatriate if she was elected. Can I take it back? Things are kind of cozy around here.

  • Keith M

    If this was the the best the Democrats could come up with, then the Republicans will not only extend their occupancy of the White House, but the House and Senate as well. For every American who likes Hillary, there are several that can’t abide the woman.

  • David Vance

    Bring on the wicked witch – but the poor old Dem’s won’t get back to the White House, they are unfit to govern.

  • maca

    Well whoever it is it will be a step up from Bush, even another Clinton.

  • Scott MacMillan

    As far as I can tell, no liberal or Democrat commentator has ever endoresed or even speculated about a Hillary 2008 run. Indeed, it appears the near-certainty of Hillary in ’08 is an invention of the Noonans, Safires and other American pundits of the right.

  • Mick


    “…the poor old Dem’s won’t get back to the White House, they are unfit to govern”.

    Is that based on an empirical weighing of evidence (from your recent trip across the pond)? Or a theological certainty?

  • David Vance


    I leave theological certainties to the devout – I base my premise on the empirical observation that the Dem’s won’t win in 08 because they have moved too far left of mainstream popular opinion – witness the selection of HOWARD Whooo DEAN as Chairman of the Donkeys – and need more time in the wilderness before they are fit for office. The Wicked Witch is even more divisive than Jean Paul Kerry so whilst she may get leftists hearts a-beating (Tina Brown, where r u?) she’s a loser. Condi will ensure a third Republican term in 08.

  • Whatabout

    Word to the wise! Arnie Schwarznegger will be running against Hilary in 2008. He’ll be back.