The troubling memory of Pearse

Patrick Pearse’s most famous words have been removed from the gable end Beechmout (RPG) Avenue: “The Fools, the Fools, the Fools- they have left us our Fenian dead – and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.” Catherine McGlinchey sees it as a sign that classical repubicanism is being slowly painted out of history. If you get the chance, listen to this excellent radio documentary on the complex and enigmatic figure of Pearse before the end of the week!

13 thoughts on “The troubling memory of Pearse”

  1. As fascinating radio as I have ever heard. From an in-depth interview with a former PIRA volunteer to a Dublin 1916 tour guide to various talking heads, it puts muscle and bone on P. H. Pearse, the ghost like figure who haunts us still. It goes beyond easy political agendas to take real stock of an unresolved legacy.

  2. Interesting to hear the use of the term *militant fenian republicanism* It felt like the speaker was sending a clear message. Are there many in republican circles today who would sit happily with the term fenianism, or is it solely meant for those who view the IRA as being in the driving seat?

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  3. Re Real Player.

    Not sure of the exact version, it was a free download – I updated mid January, so it shouldn’t be too old. Unforunately, I’m not at it now.

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  5. Nice documentary – but aside from being quite persuasive in the need to revisit his legacy it didn’t really have any meat on it?

    The Easter Rising might not be Dublin’s answer to Waco, but the willingness of charismatic leaders down through history to waste other peoples lives for their own place in history is not something I think is in any way noble.

  6. Pearse was what we would no call a bit touched a fanatic—blood sacrafice, cu cuhlainn,trying to imitate What he thought Robert Emmitt smiled like when going to die-,hero worship and fantasy.

    Mac Dermot had much more to do with planning and arms importation for the rising-he was a member of the A.O.H, board of erin –50 of whose members took part in the rebellion and then vanished again into obscurity-he used these contacts with Irish America for finance-mac Dermott always kept in the background but he and Clark had a much larger imput in the military preparation than Pearse–It suited them that Pearse was more outspoken and seen to be the leader ‘reading the proclaimation was because Pearse wasnt a bad public speaker—im not saying that pearse didnt make a large contribution just that he wasnt the prime pusher behind the actual rebellion

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