SF/DUP consensus on European Constitution?

Eoin O’Broin was interviewed (sound file) on Morning Ireland this morning in his capacity as a campaigner against the adoption of a formal constitution. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Donaldson puts a similar case for the Brugges Group. Is this a case of a pan Euro nationalist front?

  • Occasional Commenter

    I don’t see why anyone should be surprised at 2 parties agreeing on something. Some people who say that you shouldn’t vote no because (insert right wing hate figure here such as Thatcher) is campaigning against the constitution.

    That’s like saying all lefties should vote for capital punishment just because Thatcher, or other right wing hate figure, votes against it.

  • zorglub

    The article from Jeffrey does not really talk about the European Constitutional Treaty, neither does it explain why he is europhobic. There are no references to the content of the Treaty and overal the whole paper is poorly argued.