Senior UDA man expelled…

Looks like the UDA appears to be trying to assert some central control over what is believed to be a very decentralised, sometimes chaotic command and control system. Jim ‘Doris Day’ Gray, formerly the ‘Brigadier’ of East Belfast has been expelled. Gray was subject of a gun attack as he was visiting the house of recently killed LVF man, Stephen Warnock.

  • fair_deal

    Good riddance to bad rubbish as the old saying goes

  • Jacko

    Who really gives a shit about the internal workings of this crowd of gangsters? What they should do is just go away.

  • Alan

    Will he be decommissioning any weapons? Will he be admitting to any lapses of temper? Will he be approaching the police to assist with the disbandment of the UDA?

    If not, then this article only puffs up the UDA at the expense of society generally.