It's all over now

As if we didn’t already know it, the NI team won’t be heading to Germany for 2006, despite an improved performance and a late defeat to Poland. Perhaps the green and white army can set up some sort of consultancy, teaching other fans something about true support. I didn’t see all of the game tonight, but everytime I did, the Polish camera crew were cutting to the NI fans for a bit of excitment! Incidentally, some aren’t too happy at the Sky TV coverage.

  • IJP

    You’d have been better without the OWC link, Aaron. All sadly predictable.

    The NI team is Irish, I’ve never had a problem with that and nor should its supporters. After all, it is the original association on the island… 🙂

  • Young Irelander

    Sky’s coverage is awful when England aren’t the team playing.It’s amusing though to see the reaction of the fans at OWC.Any hint of Irishness and their knickers are in a twist!

    So much for the idea that people in Britain and people in Ireland’s north are one and the same.I’m sure those at Sky would be bemused at the OTT reaction of NI fans.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    I don’t think many NI fans would consider themselves “one in the same” as the rest of Britain, they have common cause and common traits and a significantly shared culture, but first and foremost they are Northern Irish. I’m sure we’ve had this discussion. You’re as British as I am Irish 😉

    Did you notice the FAI badge on their graphics at half and full time? Someone ain’t done their homework – though at least they got the flag right.

    Back on topic, the guys were unlucky. They were under pressure but did look dangerous the odd time and quite a few had good games, especially Maik Taylor who was outstanding (and he had to be!)

    Ah well looks like we’re not going to finish above Austria, but we’ll still beat the pants off Wales and Azerbijahn (i’m sure that’s spelt wrong but it’s too late for me to care.)

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    And by the way, you’re all invited to our big party at the Maze

  • Henry94

    A disappointing result. The only consolation is that it will have cheered up the Holy Father to see his native Poland getting another win.

  • Friendly Fire

    Well at least France only managed a draw in Tel Aviv; so the Republic are still in with a good chance to qualify.

  • spirit-level

    commiserations Norn Iron
    Better luck next time when yuz buggers join wit de beggars from Dublin!
    ooh henry94
    “A disappointing result. The only consolation is that it will have cheered up the Holy Father to see his native Poland getting another win.”
    That’s live bait for ulsterman, you’re gonna have him apoplectic; sluggers watch out.
    Hell hath no fury than an ulsterman scorned!

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    What we have to hope for now is to continue picking up points from Wales and Azer (Austria if we’re lucky) and get a better ranking before the next set of qualifiers. There’s always something to play for 😉

  • smcgiff

    There’s always something to play for 😉

    Good point, this is the only way NI will be able to climb out of the mire.

  • Keith M

    The OWC contributors have got it wrong, as the IFA was the original organisation, then they have the primary claim to be the Irish football team. The FAI originally registered under the name of the Irish Free State and later changed to Ireland Republic (sic).

  • IJP


    NI needs to stay in fourth place for seedings next time. It’s a gradual progression, but it’s helpful to be in a higher seeding position for future draws. Thus you’re right, the remaining games are very important.

    Austria is a truly diabolical team, by the way, goodness only knows how it fluked those two results over this week. If you’d said we’d come fourth in the group, I’d have assumed Austria would be behind us. We should look for a repeat of last time’s victory in Vienna.

  • Henry94

    (Republic of)Ireland’s group is no clearer than it was at the start but Kerr’s team have three home games against the other three contenders. That is a slight edge.

  • Biffo

    Good Link – This exchange brought a smile to my face,

    “And … and … and …

    … WHY OH WHY did the scoreline graphic in the top left corner of the screen abbreviate Northern Ireland to ‘IRL’ and not ‘NIR’?! I had to watch the game on the only screen in an Edinburgh sports bar that wasn’t showing the Engerlund match, and everyone around me thought I was supporting the beggars!..”


    ” ..its cause it was from polish TV and they spell northern ireland differently with the word for northern after the ireland..”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Beano that’s “Ireland Northern”, I note you haven’t taken offence yet, or addressed this issue of the Poles messing with the this country’s good name.