Commenting system change…

After months of waiting, we are finally going to dump typekey. We have something like 600 people registered through TK, only a small number of whom have had the patience and perserverance to get through all the obstacles necessar to actually comment. This should do away with the ‘walled garden’ effect we’ve had. I would appeal to all the old stagers here to lead by example and try keep the game as clean as we are accustomed to. Please bear with us over any teeth problems. We’ll try to help as quickly as we can!

  • maca

    It’s driving me nuts to be honest. Can you put the security code on the first comment form so it doesn’t give a submission error?

  • smcgiff

    There’s a difference*

    * too self conscious to just type test!

  • Mick Hall

    I thought Type key worked fine, lets hope the new system does

  • DF

    Hold your horses please – I’m currently working on it, so obviously it will drive everybody nuts at this very moment…

    So now, let’s see how it goes…

  • Mick

    That should be working now! Maca?

    Type key works owkay for people who get over the first hurdle. But the majority of people who have tried to use it have fallen at that first hurdle.

    It may require an irritating change to begin with, but I’m hoping those people who were previously locked out, will now be able to comment straightaway.

  • Biffo

    How do you sign out, or is that a stupid question?

  • Mick

    Ah. You ‘sign in’ each time you enter the code. And you now have to sign in each time you post.

    In effect, you are signed out immediately the post is posted so to speak. If that makes sense?

  • Biffo

    Perfect sense.

    I’m just releived you didn’t ask me for my credit card number!

  • Sharon O’Suillibhan.

    At last !

    A ‘Comment’ system that allows me access …

    I had constant trouble with the ‘Typepad’ system , as it would never allow me to leave a comment – it kept telling me that I ‘was not logged in … ‘ . So I eventually gave up trying .

    Now – hope this works OK …. !

    Sharon .

  • Davros

    Off topic, but any chance we could have the clock adjusted to BST ?

  • maca

    “any chance we could have the clock adjusted to BST”

    It’s Hammer Time … Hahha, ahh sorry, gheobhaidh mé mo chóta.

  • smcgiff

    ‘Now – hope this works OK …. !’

    There goes the neighbourhood!! 😉

  • Sharon

    “There goes the neighbourhood!! ;-)” , wrote ‘smcgiff’ :

    …Not true !

    If Mick does’nt mind letting you in , then who are we to complain ? 😉 ….


  • factfinder

    Typekey gets the two fingers from me.
    I’m a one fingered (very slow)typist and found it frustrating that my work of literature was lost to the world (I’m too lazy to retype) when I was asked to sign in every comment.

  • Mick

    It would be good to hear other people’s experience of Type Key as Six Apart seem oblivious to your suffering. If we get enough detailed comment, we’ll send it on to their head of marketing here in Europe.

    So tell us your story: loud and proud!

  • factfinder

    Typekey worked ok when I stayed on the same topic,but when I wandered over to the other topics then went back again I found I was no longer signed in(GRRRR!!).

    So far the new system is working fine(YIPEEE!!).

  • maca

    To be honest, after the “growing pains” when Typekey ws installed I didn’t have so much trouble. Ok i had to sign in again every few posts but that was simple anyway.
    And i use Firefox which isn’t as forgiving as Internet Exploder.

  • maca

    Just had a browse via mobile Mick (, seems to work ok still.

  • factfinder

    Typing in a five or six digit number is no problem, even for me.

  • PaddyCanuck