Slow responses from the Dail's politicians

Interesting piece from Maura McHugh who’s measured the speed and quality of the responses from the Dail’s parliamentarians, Awards to Labour and Fine Gael. The Greens asked her to ask someone else in the party (which she thought about and forgot to do) and Fianna Fail sent her a big fat Word file containing “no substantive opinion”. She doesn’t mention Sinn Fein. Looks like the Republic’s politicians still have some way to go before they officially get the Internet. Via Richard.

  • Jim Bob

    Maybe they were using Typekey

  • Mick

    Spoken with some feeling Jim Bob?

  • Jim Bob

    Congrats on the more accessible forum, Mick.

    I remember that Channel Four’s political awards now give one for MP’s websites. I can see how this accessibility might work for local issues, but I don’t hold out much hope that senior politicians will be very forthcoming about national policy issues, given that they already spend most of their time avoiding journalists if they can help it.

    Too much chance of them tripping themselves up methinks.