Policing is SF's acid test

So says Francis Mackie of the 32 County Sovereignty Committee, an organisation reputedly aligned with the Real IRA.

He’s not happy at the prospect:

The occupied 6 counties is not a democracy and the PSNI/RUC are not a police service of the people rather they are a force totally integrated into the British intelligence services supported by the British army. It will take more than a few token garda to swap places with former RUC murderers to convince the nationalist people that the PSNI is about policing in isolation from British interference in Irish affairs.

  • Davros

    You had me worried there Mick – for a moment I thought something important was taking Francie and the 32 CSM seriously, then I clicked the link LOL

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    might I suggest an alternative headline:
    “Terrorists Don’t Like Police” Shocker

    I thought the 32CSC was affiliated with the CIRA, and RSF were the mouthpieces for the RIRA… no?

  • Henry94

    Another big robbery in Dublin today. In a surprise twist Minister McDowell is blaming the victims

  • DerryTerry

    Beano, its the other way about as far as i know.

    RSF broke with SF in 1986 over the issue of abstentism, although no mention of the CIRA until the mid 1990s, possibly 1994.

    32CSCommittee was originally a committee within SF but following the split in 1997 became the 32CSMovement, at the same time as the RIRA came on the scene, apparently in opposition to Mitchel principles.

    Fair amount of bad feeling between the groups politically, particularly from RSF who view many of the 32CSM as “unreconstructed Provos”, who didn’t leave in 1986 when they had the chance to do so on a point of principle.

  • beano @ Everything Ulster

    Thanks for that, I’m sure I had it explained to me before (by a RSF supporter actually) about how the CIRA were basically just provos who didn’t want peace whereas the RIRA had principles. Seriously.

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  • aquifer

    Is anyone else fed up with the politics of the last five arseholes with a pistol?