McDonnell: Sinn Fein is up to its neck

Alisdair McDonnell has accused Sinn Fein of being up to its neck in a cover-up for the murder of Robert McCartney:

“While pretending to help the McCartneys, Sinn Fein has been up to its neck in covering up this murder. They give out about manipulation by others but nobody has been more manipulative than they have.” Dr McDonnell said the key questions still unanswered pointed not to a few individuals refusing to hand themselves in “but to a large scale cover up by Sinn Fein”. He said Gerry Adams needed to clarify whether the expulsions from the IRA had been genuine or had since been rescinded, and also asked: “How many of the members expelled from the IRA and Sinn Fein were election workers for former Belfast Lord Mayor Alex Maskey?”