McDonnell: Sinn Fein is up to its neck

Alisdair McDonnell has accused Sinn Fein of being up to its neck in a cover-up for the murder of Robert McCartney:

“While pretending to help the McCartneys, Sinn Fein has been up to its neck in covering up this murder. They give out about manipulation by others but nobody has been more manipulative than they have.” Dr McDonnell said the key questions still unanswered pointed not to a few individuals refusing to hand themselves in “but to a large scale cover up by Sinn Fein”. He said Gerry Adams needed to clarify whether the expulsions from the IRA had been genuine or had since been rescinded, and also asked: “How many of the members expelled from the IRA and Sinn Fein were election workers for former Belfast Lord Mayor Alex Maskey?”

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    hee hee, very cheeky Alisdair.

  • Circles

    Oh it looks like big Alisdair has taken the gloves off – but will this be enough to send Maskey rockin back on his heels?
    I don’t think so – but still, isn’t electioneering great?

  • levitas

    yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

  • big white dove

    Why does it matter how many of the suspended individuals worked for Maskey? As far as I can see not one of them has been found guilty of anything. Is Alisdair trying to link Maskey to this crime for electoral purposes?
    Maybe SDLP tallies from recent canvasses are not adding up and Alisdair is in danger of entering political oblivion if he doesnt become an MP this time!!

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I wonder how many people slam the door in the faces of those canvassers!?

  • New Yorker

    Big White Dove,

    “As far as I can see not one of them has been found guilty of anything.” – isn’t that the purpose of a cover-up? It’s been a sucessful cover-up – so far. Not all cover-ups remain sucessful forever. Here in the US most criminal cover-ups are busted up by the police. But, apparently, in that area of Belfast you do not have a legal police force. Why not? The McCartney murder is usually not a unique occurance. Who’s next? We have an expression over here – “get your act together” – do you use it over there?

  • franc

    I’m surprised Alistair is aware of anything going on around the area as he is so rarely seen within certain parts of the constituency

  • levitas

    No Alistair is too busy collecting the rents on his properties.

  • Jimmy Sands

    You mean he has a legitimate business? That’s so 1985.

  • jamesquigley

    yes new yorker no legal police force in belfast, thats how many people think and see things…

    Maybe th provos are taking a few ideas from th good old u.s of a.. Land of the cover-up, sorry free, sorry try again tv. Greenday arent bad tho!