McGrady: move on and leave criminality behind

Eddie McGrady argues that criminality has long been an integral part of the Sinn Fein and IRA project, suggesting that it differs from Loyalist gangsterism only insofar as it is not open about the nature and the extent of its activities.

  • vespasian

    ‘Those, who through their continued relationship with paramilitary or criminal groups and who fail to cooperate with the new structures of policing and justice, exclude themselves from playing a meaningful role in the creation of an agreed Ireland.’

    Very interesting, if I am reading this correctly and it represents SDLP policy, it is a major shift in SDLP thinking in that they are prepared to move on with out Sinn Fein. How and in what forum is not clear but the message is there.

    I await to see further comment from SDLP members before building up too much hope as McGrady has always been more moderate than most in the party.

  • Everything Ulster (formerly Beano)

    Criticising Sinn Fein for excluding themselves is one thing, as I’ve pointed out the SDLP position seems a tad hypocritical, ie:
    “[we won’t] tolerate wrongdoing from any paramilitary group, but excluding Sinn Fein would achieve nothing.”
    Surely by refusing to exclude Sinn Fein, tolerating it is exactly what they are doing?

  • Christopher Stalford

    The SDLP is split. McDonnell (because he needs to clobber Maskey as much as possible in the next six weeks) and McGrady (because he genuinely believes it) want to move on without SF/IRA.

    A statement from party “Leader”, Mark Durkancan be expected in the next few days pulling back from McGrady’s position. It has happened before, it will happen again and will continue to happen so long as Hume’s protege leads the SDLP.

  • alex s

    Christopher, surely you shouldn’t be so dismissive of the SDLP, are these not the people with whom your party is predicting it will do business after the forthcoming elections, Fair Deal Mk2

  • big white dove

    Having just read the article, I, for the first time find myself agreeing with the DUP , Young Mark will surely issue a statement soon to refute and rebuke Old Eddie, if he doesnt SF should ensure that Eddies wish to move on without SF and their electorate, is made clear to every Nationalist/Republican voter in Foyle.
    I think Catriona Ruane will also take great heart from Eddies committment to inclusivity

  • Keith M

    Fair play to McGrady. The man is showing more leadership qualities than Durkan has has ever done. It might well be in the best interests of unionists in Foyle to not only not support Durkan, but (dare I say it) vote tactically for McLoughlin. Durkan and the Humites will be history and the SDLP can move on.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Chris, the SDLP has been split since the Hume days, after all it was him who got them into this mess.

    Durkan was very, very foolish to categorically rule out the idea of excluding Sinn Fein even for a little while. Many – perhaps most – of Sinn Fein’s new voters within the past ten years were formerly SDLP voters. It is reasonable to believe that whatever prevented them voting Sinn Fein ten years ago may prevent them voting Sinn Fein again in the future.