Glossary: sockpuppets

One of the sad things about Internet discussion is the reluctance of people to use their real names. In the context of Northern Ireland it is eminently understandable why people choose to remain annonymous. However, Sockpuppets take annonymity a step further. They are false, false identities if you like, often used by someone who is already posting under a ‘proper’ identity.

They can be fun and entertaining. Occasionally they can be vicious, often being used as an attack vehicle: ie, not merely for anonymity. In the context of Slugger, sockpuppets are not against the rules. However should a sockpuppet character be seen to serially play the man not the ball, you may find that your alter ego is suddenly (and without warning) curtailed from play.

  • maca

    “One of the sad things about Internet discussion”

    I don’t consider that to be a “sad” thing at all. Of course it can be misused (sockpuppets) but it can also allow people to speak out who may be reluctant to do so under their real name.
    The internet is about choice, use your real name or use a handle, the choice is yours.

  • Peter Nolan

    I’ve been considering doing the same, given that various anonymouos email correpondents have been making predictions about my future health.

  • Davros

    That can be unpleasant Peter. However it’s been my experience that the sort of vermin making those threats would wet themselves with fear if they met you face to face.

    What’s treacherous about sock-puppetry is that a poster can us screen-name X to pretend to be a decent human being and at the same time use Screen Name Y to show his true persona – that’s the dishonesty. If a poster cannot be straight and honest about what they really think , then I don’t think either Identity should be here. There are a couple of people using SNs here whose views I dislike intensely, but fair play to them they don’t dick about being nice to my face with one Screen name and post trash under another name.