Deeny will not be a single issue candidate

In a letter to the Newsletter, Dr. Kieran Deeny has said he is not a single issue candidate and that rather than trying to score political points over the UUP, the DUP would be better advised to acquaint themselves with his political health objectives.

He also calls for both the UUP and DUP to stand down and allow him run on his own against the “abstentionist MP”.Deeny claims the DUP have misrepresented him by implying that he is seeking “to acquire modernday health care for the people in Tyrone by denying the Fermanagh population these same health care rights”.

“Secondly, and to both unionist parties – I will not be a single issue candidate in the forthcoming election and so let me bury this allegation now.

“It is fine to focus completely and entirely on a single issue when aiming for one of six Assembly seats. As an MP comes added responsibility and I will not shirk that responsibility and will extend my agenda and objectives to well beyond a single issue.

“I have many unionists on my campaign team and others who have pledged their support. Knowing that a vote for their usual party may help re-elect the present MP, it still has been described to me by many of the unionist tradition as a “win-win” situation where unionist voters in West Tyrone can vote for the person most likely to acquire modern-day health and hospital services for their families and, at the same time, be able to remove the present abstentionist MP.

“Indeed, many people from right across the whole community are saying that we must now have representation for West Tyrone in Westminster.

“Unionists in Omagh and West Tyrone, overall, would understand it if both unionist parties stood down in West Tyrone for this election.

“The two unionist parties have it within their power to help all of the people in West Tyrone by standing down and contributing in a major way to the full and professional representation of all of our people in Westminster.”

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