Botanic Inn 'supporters' let Northern Ireland down…

AFTER much apparent progress to kick sectarianism off the terraces at Northern Ireland football matches, it looks like some fans just can’t keep their bigotry to themselves outside the stadium. Many fans have voiced their disgust at some of the singing in the Botanic Inn and elsewhere, and the whole sorry episode has caused a stir in Our Wee Country.

Getting off a flight at Aldergrove yesterday, there were a few NI supporters just arrived back from Manchester and in fine voice. However, they stuck to the traditional songs from the glory days of NI’s infamous world record losing streak – ‘It’s just like watching Brazil’ and that other classic, ‘We’re going to win 5-4’.

It’s a shame this good-natured and often self-deprecating humour isn’t setting the standard everywhere, though the sectarianism seems (from what I can tell) to be largely gone from the ground during matches. Has the IFA taken it’s campaign to tackle bigotry as far as it possibly can? It looks like the responsibility rests pretty much entirely with the fans from here on. But what can genuine supporters do? Would telling the Bot what you thought of the singing make any difference?

On a lighter note, not everyone was singing – anyone care to name and shame the ‘talented’ lady who has become known as ‘The Baps in the Bot’ on the BBC?!

  • Everything Ulster (formerly Beano)

    According to other posters on OWC, the guy with the Diesel t-shirt in that baps picture, is apparently the one started the Billy Boys chants… never mind identifying the girl, if anyone can name and shame this clown it would be much better 😉

  • factfinder

    All I can see is the girl(is there anyone else in the photo?).

  • ctron

    How is singing in the Bot anything to do with the IFA?

    Surely stamping out sectarianism like that is not the job of a football association but the job of government perhaps.

    The IFA should be commended (well for this anyway), you never hear sectarian songs inside the ground and on the way to the matches if a song is started other Northern Ireland fans do their best to drown it out. Instead of knocking the IFA commend them – they have probably done more than any statutory organisation in the history of Northern Ireland to change attitudes

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Read the post again. This time carefully.

  • Will

    When did NI supporters start watching games in the Bot? I have to say that I was quite surprised to see so many of them in there in the first place – singing or no singing.

  • Davros

    re “The Baps in the Bot” Gonzo – at my time of life that sort of thing is unsettling to say the least. I thought it was going to be bar snacks, now I’ll have problems getting to sleep!

  • Hardy Handshake

    Get over yourselves, the woman’s a minger anyway and is likely some trollop from the Donegall Road. You guys need to get out more.

    The NI performance in general and Jackie Fullerton’s commentary in particular ? Now that WAS funny.

  • smcgiff

    ‘The NI performance in general and Jackie Fullerton’s commentary in particular’

    I switched over to the BBC London version after about 20 minutes. It was less painful from the rampant English POV.

  • Diamondpro

    I listened to Radio 5 and Alan Green. Jackie Fullerton and Alan McDonald were woeful. NI put 3 passes together and they acclaimed it as a good little “passage of play”.

    I was wondering though, was anyone in the Bot between the NI and ROI matches? Any Billy Boys out then? Now that would be good entertainment…