Thanks to..

The Sunday Tribune, who published a nice little piece about us today. I’ve typed it out in full for those of you that are interested..

“Slugger O’Toole has far and away the most wide-ranging coverage of Northern Ireland, and has tracked the follow-up from last week, including the backlash from the McCartney family, with a decent respect for both sides. For sheer entertainment value, however, just pick one of the postings with the maximum number of comments.

But the most passionate debate of the week on that site (and the Irish blogosphere) came on Wednesday, on the proposal by George Best for an all-Ireland soccer squad. One reader kicked off a storm by posting his reaction: ‘oh dear. Look like it’ll be the Derek Dougan treatment for George from now on. He should realise this is Ireland and you aren’t supposed to make such logical points as that!'”

That’ll be PS enjoying the press treatment..