Sinn Féin's alienation in US could be short term

Interesting timeline demonstrating how Sinn Fein has gradually moved offside from the Bush White House, and in the process from the mainstream Democrats who lauded Gerry Adams as NI’s principle peacemaker ten years ago. He doesn’t believe the process is irreversible. But that turning the tide may come when the IRA finally becomes history.

  • Richard Delevan

    Good summary, but strikingly inaccurate in some key facts.
    “He was shunned by … Congressman Peter King, a long-time supporter of Sinn Fein.” Which, of course, isn’t true.
    It’s the ability of King and other people being impervious to evidence challenging their faith in Adams that remains striking.

  • New Yorker

    Dear Richard,

    Congressman King publicly called for the disbandment of the IRA. It shows that even Peter King is having a rethink. As people realize that they have been taken for suckers, they react with emotional intensity, just as Bertie Ahern did.