Republic cede draw in Israel

If a four nil defeat for NI in Manchester can be look upon as good performance, then the Republic’s one all draw in Tel Aviv, looks like carelessness. A win would have seen them capitalise on an earlier excellent draw in Paris and go top of their group. The 40,000 crowd were kept relatively quiet by a competent Irish performance until a lapse of concentration let Bnei Sakhnin Abbas Suan through in the last minute to snatch a draw. The after match party went on regardless.

  • paul

    we got what we deserved,just when i thought we could start playing decent football,Kerr seems to have forgotton that you dont win matchs by defending for 85 minutes

  • beano

    I only tuned in after 23min when I finally found out it was on channel 5. Was a godawful match, the Israel goal was the only bit of excitement I saw!

  • smcgiff

    Two terrible games.

    NI were subjected to ironic cheers by the English fans, who spent a lot of the second half chanting EASY – EASY, when NI finally got a strike on target towards the end of the second half. Judging by this game it would be fair to suggest a two tiered championship, with promotion and relegation to spice things up. There’s no point (from a footballing sense) in the current NI team playing England.

    ROI’s tactics were a shambles. Have we forgotten how to beat any but the most humble of teams? Back to the drawing board please.

  • The Devil

    Apparently the An Phoblact sports column are blaming the McCartney sisters for Irelands poor performance

  • IJP

    I wouldn’t want to be too tough on Kerr. It’s frustrating, but the Rep doesn’t have much to choose from in defence really (although that’s another case where an all-Ire team wouldn’t improve things!!)

    The draw in Paris leaves the Rep in a fairly strong position, and for a country of 4.5m to be consistently within qualifying range for such tourneys is good news. The key is to avoid some awful slip-up at home, and I’ve a bad feeling about that, I have to say…

  • Keith M

    I won’t support the Irish team while Roy Keane is a part of it, but it has to be said hat this was a poor game with a very disappointing result. It appears that none of the top four teams can put any decent run of results together.

    It would appear that if Northern Irish football fans are interested in supporting a winning team, they’d be far better hitching their star to a United Kingdom team than an “all Ireland” one.

    IJP “for a country of 4.5m”. Youu forget the grandparent rule., The Republic has used this more than almost every other European country, so the number of people we can draw from is actually well over 30 million.

  • CavanMan

    it is not the end of the world,just beat the faroes/cyprus away,Beat the Israelis at home,it should not be that hard,the key game is Switzerland at home,we owe the swiss for Mc Carthys last game.If we win that along with the other games,we could probably afford to draw or perhaps even lose against the french..

  • PS

    Poor result for Ireland but when you try to sit back on a 1-0 lead like that, generally you don’t deserve the three points. Was dissapointed not to see Andy Reid take part, Kerr is undoubtedly a very defensive manager. Not all doom and gloom however, if Ireland can beat both the minnows away then 7 out of 9 point from the 3 home games should see them into second place and might give them a shout and automatic qualification.

  • CavanMan

    As a Tottenham fan,i am a huge fan of Andy Reid,he has fantastic talent,however his physical conditioning doesnt seem to be at International standard,im sure you all notice that too,Keane is suspended for the next match,hopefully we will see Reid or Liam Miller,or even Aiden Mc Geady.An Injection of youth is what i believe we need.

  • ShayPaul

    “I won’t support the Irish team while Roy Keane is a part of it,”

    Keith M

    You really are a pillock, as I have suspected for some time

    As for the rest of your post ?

    I am willing to plead guilty to playing the man rather than the ball, only regret wearing soft studs.

    Before accepting a red card would plead mitigating circumstances :

    Chateau Andron Blanquet Cru Bourgeois 1998 Saint Estephe

  • PS

    however his physical conditioning doesnt seem to be at International standard,

    I’ve heard Johnny Giles make a similar point but I don’t agree. The physical fitness needed to play week in week out in the Premiership is as great if not greater than the conditioning needed to take on the likes of Israel on the international stage.

  • Mick Fealty

    …am willing to plead guilty to playing the man rather than the ball, only regret wearing soft studs.


    You have a reputation as an extremely decent player here. Don’t let it slip! Free kick to Keith!

  • George

    “I won’t support the Irish team while Roy Keane is a part of it, but it has to be said hat this was a poor game with a very disappointing result.”

    Q: What’s the difference between an Irish football fan and a fly-by-night?

    A: One feels pain because Ireland’s greatest player isn’t playing, the other feels pain because he is.

    Something tells me you are what I call a “post Jack fan”, a person who if he ever went to a game bought the ticket with a credit card.

    I doubt if Dalymount Park registers for you and Milltown in its day or a day trip to Turner’s Cross, well that would be asking too much.

    As for your 30 million figure, completely ludicrous. Unless you believe every male from zero to one hundred in the United Kingdom (population 60 million) plays football and every single one of them has declared for the Irish Republic.

    Are you saying there are no Englishmen left?

    Any chance you could refrain from posting on football while Roy Keane is playing it?

  • Keith M

    George thank you for providing proof postitive of the old addage that “when you assume, you put an ass before u and me”. One of my first intermnational matches was at Dalymount Park, being hoisted onto my father’s shoulders to watch local Limerickman Al Finucane in the green and white. I can even remember the day that two Limerick players (Finucane and Kevin Fitzpatrick) played on the same Irish team in 1969.

    The reason why I cannot support the Irish team is that I think what Roy Keane did before WC02 was despicable, and I’m thoroughly sicked by the idea of any manager welcoming back into the team. I would prefer to lose with honour than to have a disloyal gobshite like Keane in the team. Results aren’t everything in sport.

    My 30 million is a comparision to IJP’s “country of 4.5m”. Many of the “Irish” players could not be including in that country of 4.5m. My number is a far more accuate assessment of the population of that could claim to be “Irish” under the grandparent rule which curentlt applies for representation in international football (and includes “Irish” in paces like Australia and the US).

    Mick, I shan’t bother with a free kick at ShayPaul. Another lesson I learnt from my days going to the Markets Fiels was that it was best to let the incoherant old winos sleep it off rather than taking any notice of them.

  • keith

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  • keith

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  • middle-class taig

    Shay Paul

    I congratulate you on your taste. Have you tried the 94?